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Gonzaga sisters shares inspirational messages 

gonzaga sisters shares inspirational messages

On a vlog released by Alex Gonzaga on Sunday, January 28, she and her sister Toni Gonzaga share inspirational messages about the things that they have been through in life. 

The sisters filmed their vlog in a café, where Toni playfully teased Alex about their stark differences. 

When asked about her proudest moment for her sister, Toni mentioned that it was when Alex successfully navigated through the challenges of a miscarriage.

“It’s either you come out as a better person or as a bitter person,” Toni said, emphasizing that she was happy that Alex became a better person after what she’s been through.

The siblings also reminisced about a moment when Toni expressed pride in Alex, specifically in Subic, for her ability to handle situations calmly and with the support of prayers.

Iba talaga tayo no,” Alex said.

Bakit sino nag sabi dapat pareho tayo?” Toni answered after Alex pointed out that they both have different strategies in handling problems.

“It’s only a problem when you think about it,” Toni stressed. 

Alex also discusses the instances of bullying that Toni endured, where their father imparted words of encouragement for her to become stronger and a better person in the face of adversity.

“Don’t take things personally,” she said, talking about her way of handling painful words. 

During this period, Alex became emotional, expressing her disapproval of anyone speaking negatively about her sister.

Bakit mo hahayaan yung outer environment affect you inner world,” Toni said.

They further delved into the topic of letting go of ego, emphasizing the liberating feeling that comes with releasing everything and entrusting it all to God.

Alex emphasized that she doesn’t want her sister to appear foolish by forgiving people.

Never nagmumukhang tanga ang taong nag foforgive,” Toni said in response to Alex.

Tama naman sis,” Alex said.

Alex also gained insight into her mother’s past behavior during their youth, realizing it was due to stress and family problems.

The siblings playfully bantered about “Chismis,” teasing each other, with Toni jokingly referring to Alex as a “Chismosa.”

“You attract who you are,” Toni said. 

“You are a magnet,” she added.

Alex defends herself saying, “Hindi ako chismosa, yung chismis ang lumalapit sa akin.”

In the video’s conclusion, Toni recounted her pandemic experience, expressing her enjoyment of staying at home with her family while anticipating God’s direction in her life. It was during this period that she received the opportunity to play a role in the movie ‘My Sassy Girl,’ a dream she considered as the greatest in her life, acknowledging it as a gift from God.

Hindi mo deserve lahat ng meron ka, lahat ng meron ka grace yan ni God,” she said. 


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