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Toni Gonzaga recalls “Jurassic” Parenting with her parents

toni gonzaga recalls jurassic parenting with her parents

In a recent vlog released by BoTalks, Toni Gozaga, as the special guest, shares experiences she had as a child with her parents, calling it “Jurassic parenting.”

At the start of the vlog, the inquiries focused on family experiences and insights which Toni responded with gratitude and courtesy, expressing thanks for her parents’ guidance. 

She emphasized that their success as both celebrities and parents wouldn’t have been possible without the support and guidance from her parents.

Toni further mentioned that there was a time when she harbored resentment towards her parents, disliking them for their strict disciplinary measures towards her and her sister Alex. 

She even said that her parents seemed more fitting to be grandparents than actual parents when asked about it. 

In continuation of the vlog, Toni stated that her husband respected her parents because they raised such good and loving children.

She was also asked by her father about their traits as parent that Toni dislike, saying, “Anong ugali namin and hindi mo gusto?”

Madami,” her answer that made her mom stand in madness. 

“Okay, next question,” Bo Gonzaga jokingly said. 

Toni reflects on her past experiences with her parents and notes that the generation of the 80s and 90s did not encounter gentle parenting since their own parents had never been exposed to such a parenting approach.

“When you realize that you are the first generation, who will continue the legacy of gentle parenting? Kasi yung na experience namin hindi gentle parenting, Jurassic!” Toni said.

Ang mommy pag umaga, Si Barney, pero pag hapon na Tyrannosaurus Rex na,” she added.

Biglang nagiging dragon,” 

Despite having parents who were tough and strict, siblings Toni and Alex Gonzaga express gratitude for being raised under such parenting, as it instilled in them qualities of strength, responsibility, and respect.

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