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Get to Know Eat Bulaga’s Innovative QR Code Experience!

get to know eat bulagas innovative qr code experience

The revamped “Eat Bulaga (EB)” has definitely starred several new gimmicks and segments that delighted the noontime show fanatics. Among these is the Eat Bulaga QR Code, which is an advanced and innovative approach of the TV show to further connect with fans. 

Eat Bulaga (EB) QR Code Registration 2023

Since its rebranding, Eat Bulaga can be watched via ‘Eat Bulaga Live,’ accessed through GMA 7 Live Streaming. As an addition to embracing technology in its operations, EB has also introduced its QR code registration system.

This new feature lets fans connect with the show in a totally different way. By scanning a QR Code, viewers can sign up for special content, join contests, and chat with the hosts and other fans. It is proof that old-school entertainment can keep up with the digital world, making the fan experience more fun and interactive. 

Eat Bulaga’s QR Code sign-up is a modern twist that brings fans closer to the action, showing that even beloved classics can change with the times.

But wait, there’s more! 

Alongside code scanning, they’ve also introduced a new segment called QR-QR Quick Response Quick Reward. During this segment, a QR code flashes on the screen for viewers to register. Those selected from the registered viewers will have the chance to win a cash prize.

EB Code Registration FAQs

Where can I access the GMA 7 Live Streaming today?

You can catch the GMA Live Streaming today and even daily through Kapuso Stream. Kapuso Stream provides a daily live streaming platform featuring popular GMA TV shows. It is GMA Network’s first ongoing live streaming service on YouTube and Facebook, broadcasting three consecutive programs from GMA Afternoon Prime, airing between 2:30 PM to 5 PM. This is followed by GMA Telebabad from 8 PM to 10 PM.

How do you get the QR code?

To get the QR code, simply tune in to GMA 7 Live Streaming and scan the QR code flashed at any time during the show. Alternatively, you may visit ebqrcoderegistration.com or stay tuned to the official FB Page of TAPE INC. 

What information is required for Eat Bulaga QR Code Registration?

You’ll usually need to provide basic personal details, such as name, age, and contact information.

How to scan QR code online?

Here’s the process for scanning QR codes online:

  • Access and open your online QR Scanner tool.
  • Select the ‘Scan QR Code’ option provided in your tool.
  • Direct your camera towards the QR code you wish to scan.
  • Keep your phone steady and wait for the camera to capture the code
How do I know if my registration was successful?

Upon successful registration, you’ll receive a confirmation message, ensuring you can enjoy the benefits of registration.

Is Eat Bulaga QR Code Registration mandatory to enjoy Eat Bulaga’s content?

While registration isn’t always mandatory, it provides access to exclusive content and participation in contests. It enhances your interaction with the show.

Can I register multiple times with different QR codes?

Each viewer typically registers once, and duplicate entries may not be allowed. Refer to the show’s terms and conditions for specific rules.

How do I join a QR code?

To join a QR code, you will need to use a smartphone or device with a camera. Use a QR code scanning app or your device’s camera to scan the QR code. This action will reveal the information embedded within the code, such as a link to a website, text, contact details, or an app download.

How do I register a scan code?

Registering a scan code, such as a QR code, involves creating it using an online QR code generator. This process includes inputting specific information like a website link, contact details, or other relevant data into the generator. Once the QR code is created, you’ll want to check it using a QR code scanner to ensure it directs users to the intended information or action.

Ultimately, the QR code should be shared or distributed via physical prints, digital platforms, emails, or other relevant means so that people can scan it with their smartphones or devices to access the embedded content or perform the specified action.


The introduction of the Eat Bulaga QR Code has truly transformed the fan experience, showcasing how this iconic show evolves with technology. Through innovative initiatives like QR code registration and the QR-QR Quick Response Quick Reward segment, Eat Bulaga has seamlessly merged traditional entertainment with modern interactivity. This demonstrates a commitment to engaging fans in new ways, solidifying the show’s place in the digital era while ensuring everyone can participate, connect, and enjoy the show’s offerings, making it a true testament to the timeless appeal of Eat Bulaga.

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