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Route of the Black Nazarene for Traslacion 2024

route of the black nazarene for traslacion 2024

MANILA, Philippines — After three long years of not having the Traslacion due to the pandemic, the Quiapo Church finally resumes the tradition, releasing the route of the Black Nazarene for Traslacion 2024 this coming January 9, 2024.

The Traslacion 2024 route this year will be the same route used by the Quiapo Church in 2020.

  • Quirino Grandstand
  • Right to Katigbak Drive (left side)
  • Right to Padre Burgos St. through Finance Road
  • Straight to Ayala Bridge
  • Left to Palanca St.
  • Right to Quezon Boulevard
  • Right to Arlegui Street
  • Right to Fraternal Street
  • Right to Vergara Street
  • Left to Duque de Alba Street
  • Left to Castillejos Street
  • Left to Farnecio Street
  • Right to Arlegui Street
  • Left to Nepomuceno Street
  • Left to Conception Aguila Street
  • Right to Carcer Street
  • Right to Hidalgo through Plaza del Carmen
  • Left to Bilibid Viejo through Gonzalo Puyat
  • Left to J.P. de Guzman Street Right to Hidalgo Street
  • Left to Quezon Boulevard
  • Right to Palanca St. through under Quezon Bridge
  • Right to Villalobos through Plaza Miranda going to Quiapo Church
  • The Quiapo Church estimated that two million attendees will join the procession.

On Thursday, the Philippine National Police said it would deploy 15,000 personnel during the Traslacion 2024.

Additionally, authorities issued traffic advisories in preparation for next week’s Traslacion of the Black Nazarene.

The following roads will be closed from from Monday, January 8, 9 p.m. onwards until Tuesday:

Stretch of Bonifacio Drive from Anda Circle to P. Burgos Ave.

  • Katigbak Drive and South Drive (One Lane Accessible to Manila Hotel and H20 Hotel
  • Stretch of Roxas Blvd. from Katigbak to U.N. Ave.
  • Stretch of P. Burgos from Roxas Blvd. to Jones, McArthur, and Quezon Bridge.
  • Stretch of Finance Rd. from P. Burgos Ave. to Taft Ave.
  • Stretch of Ma. Orosa St. from TM. Kalaw to P. Burgos Ave.
  • Stretch of Taft Ave. from U.N. Ave. to P. Burgos Ave.
  • Stretch of Romualdez St. from U.N Ave. to Ayala Blvd.
  • Stretch of Ayala Ave. from Taft Ave. to Romualdez St.
  • Stretch of C. Palanca St. from P. Casal to Plaza Lacson
  • Stretch of P. Casal St. from C. Palanca to Arlegui St.
  • Stretch of Legarda St. from CM. Recto Ave. to Arlegui St.
  • Stretch of Quezon Bivd. from Fugoso St to Quezon Bridge
  • Westbound Lane España BIvd. from P. Campa to Lerma St.

The route of the Black Nazarene for Traslacion 2024 is expected to be attended by approximately 2 million devotees, with “Misa Mayor” or the midnight mass during the day of the Traslacion will be presided over by Manila Archbishop Cardinal Jose Advincula at the Quirino Grandstand.

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