Home GUIDE: Pre-Ordering Shakey’s Party Package in 2024

GUIDE: Pre-Ordering Shakey’s Party Package in 2024

guide pre ordering shakeys party package in 2024

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Shakey’s is now offering its party package for parties and social gathering events for 2024. Their party package is available for reservation and pre-order. It ranges from an estimated amount to meeting several people for your event. 

Pizza is, without a doubt, a popular food choice for various parties. Here is a guide of Shakey’s Party Packages for 2024 for people looking to provide a party-filling feast.

List of Shakey’s 2024 Promo Items and Offers

Shakey’s is considered one of the many favorable food names when filling orders. Their menu offers a wide range of group meals any party will enjoy in any celebration on any occasion, especially in celebrating the start of the New Year with family and friends. 

The available items can provide coverage for a specific number of people and be fitting options for events such as kiddie parties or occasional gatherings. Shakey’s Pizza Party Packages prices are listed as follows:

2024 Meet-up Meal Deal Classic – Php 1,699.00

The 2024 Meet-Up Meal Deal Classic bundle includes:

  • Any Large-size All-Time Favorite or Classic Pizza.
  • Five pieces of Chicken’ N’ Mojos.
  • One 1.5L bottle of Coke.
  • A Classic Supercard with a free upgraded Welcome Treat.

This bundle is good for approximately 5 to 6 people.

2024 Meet-up Meal Deal Gold – Php 2,424.00

The 2024 Meet-Up Meal Deal Gold bundle comes with eight pieces of any Party-size All-Time Favorite or Classic Pizza,  Chicken’  N’ Mojos, two 1.5L bottles of Coke, and a Gold Supercard with a free upgraded Welcome Treat. This bundle is good for approximately 8 to 10 people.

All Group Meal Products

In addition to the 2024 promo offers, Shakey’s also offers several standard group meal packages with different items that cater to several guests and loved ones. The available items are the perfect feast for the whole family. 

Family Meal Deal 1 – Php 1,199.00

This bundle includes any large-sized pizza with the option of a pasta platter or a solo pack of chicken’ n’ mojos (3 pieces). The bundle also comes with drink options of 1L Bottle of House-blend Iced Tea or 1.5L Coke. This bundle is good for 3-4 people.

Family Meal Deal 2 – Php 1,949.00

This bundle includes a Large pizza of any flavor and comes with both a Pasta Platter and a Buddy Pack of Chicken’  N’ Mojos (5 pcs). One 1L bottle of house-blend iced tea or 1.5L Coke is a drink option. This bundle is good for 5-6 people.

Family Meal Deal 3 – Php 2,599.00

This bundle offers one Party-size Pizza alongside both a Pasta Platter and a Family Pack Chicken ‘N’ Mojos (7 pcs.), This bundle is good for a group of 6-8 people.

Monster Meal Deal – Php 3,5699.00

This bundle is perfect for a group of 10-12 people. The Monster Meal Deal comes with two Large Thin Crust Pizzas of any flavor, two Pasta Platters, and a Chicken’  N’ Mojos Party Pack (12 pcs.).

Other Additional Party Packages from Shakey’s

Shakey’s also offers different consumable party packages. Shakey’s kiddie party package options include a party host, mascot, assortment of games, prizes, and food and drinks. They also come with a birthday gift for the celebrant and other party goods for the guests. 

  • 30 pax: Php 17,000.00
  • 50 pax: Php 21,000.00
  • 70 pax: Php 28,000.00

Shakey’s also offers a buffet pizza party package for approximately 10-12 people. This package is worth Php 3,599. 

Junior Pizza Package is highly recommended for a bundle that benefits 19-20 people. This package includes 6 Large-sized Thin-Crust Pizzas, 36 pcs. Of Chicken’  N’ Mojos, 6 Pcs. of Carbonara Platters, 3 Pcs. of Classic Spaghetti Platters, and 9 House Blended Iced-Tea.

Shakey’s may require additional charges for any additional items or offers depending on the items.

How Much is Shakey’s Party Fee?

Shakey’s Party Package for 2024 also comes with varying party fees. The fee amount would depend on the number of people attending the event.


Here are some frequently asked questions regarding items, services, and general inquiries about Shakey’s.

How big is Shakey’s party-size pizza?

Shakey’s pizza options come in 3 different sizes. The Regular Pizza is 8 inches, The Large Pizza is 13 to 15 inches, and the Party Pizza is approximately 18 inches.

How do I get my birthday treat from Shakeys?

To get your free pizza treat, present your SuperCard at any Shakey’s Store when you dine in within your birth month. No additional orders are required. Alternatively, Shakey’s can include your birthday pizza in your delivery transaction upon request. 

How do I send Shakey’s to a friend?

You can send Shakey’s to a friend online at www.shakeyspizza.ph or order via the Shakey’s Supper App and click “Send-A-Shakey’s”. Alternatively, you can request via the official Facebook Messenger or contact #77-777 toll-free for Globe and TM. 

Is Shakey’s a fast food or restaurant?

Shakey’s is considered one of the leading operators of Fast Casual Restaurants in the Philippines. Their services focus on family casual dining. It was considered to be a fast food franchise in 1997; however, in 2003, the company rebranded itself into a casual restaurant setup.

Closing Thoughts

Shakey’s menu offers a wide range of pizza flavors and other items that are more than fitting for any gathering with two or more people. The Shakey’s Party Package of 2024 and the Family and Party Package Deal are must-trys. Every item deal is perfect for treating several guests and bringing fun for the kids at the same time. 

For more details and inquiries about their meals and offers, visit https://www.shakeyspizza.ph/ today.

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