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June 2022 Super Full Moon max illumination on 7:52 pm (Philippine time)


MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The first and biggest super full moon of the year will light up the skies of the Philippines on Tuesday, June 14, 2022, with maximum illumination at 7:52 pm.

Also known as the “Super Strawberry Moon,” the “Super Full Moon” will appear in amazing orangey hues. It is one of the best lunar events of the year, including the total twin lunar eclipse last May then on November.

The supermoon is an astronomical phenomenon where the moon is at a distance of at least 90% of the perigee, the point where the moon is the nearest to Earth.

The moon is usually about 363,300 km away from Earth, but PAGASA reports that the June 14 moon will be 357,656.377 km away from Earth, making it appear up to 30% brighter and 17% larger.

“However, the change in size and brightness of the moon during the supermoon compared to the regular full moon might be difficult to detect through visual comparison. Changes in the size of the moon can be recognized once compared side by side with the previous photo of a regular full moon,” said PAGASA.

Since the moon is also closest to Earth, this brings a high perigean spring tide or “king tide” that may bring flooding to coastal areas.

Will there be clear skies in the Philippines during the Full Strawberry Moon?

In the 4:00 am weather forecast today, most parts of the country are expected to have partly cloudy to at times cloudy with rain showers and/or thunderstorms.

The dim forecast is mainly due to the ridge of the High-Pressure Area (HPA) extending over the eastern section of Luzon.

Stay updated with the weather at PAGASA’s official website.

Happy moon watching! – WhatALife!

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