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Take a look at “super blood moon” around the world

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A lunar eclipse with a deep red blood moon crossed the night sky Sunday night into Monday morning, providing a dramatic, multi-part show for stargazers.

The Moon was entirely wrapped in Earth’s shadow at the time, temporarily making it a deep shade of dark red.

Because the Moon will be at its nearest approach to Earth in its orbit, it will look bigger than usual, getting it the name super Moon.

It is also known as a super flower blood Moon. A full moon in May is known as the Flower Moon in the Northern Hemisphere because it corresponds with the blooming of spring flowers.

Image shows blood moon
The super-blood Moon rises over the Republic of North Macedonia’s hilltops. / EPA

The eclipse lasted for roughly five hours in total, with totality lasting around 85 minutes. According to Ernest Wright, a graphics system specialist at NASA, this is lengthier than most.

On Sunday, May 15, a full moon sets behind the El Avila high-voltage towers in Caracas, Venezuela. The total lunar eclipse that started Sunday night was visible to those in the Americas, Europe. Matias Delacroix/AP

The Americas was treated to the entire spectacle up to 84 minutes. Those living in western United States or Canada viewed the moonrise on Sunday evening.

It could be seen with the naked eye, but binoculars or a small telescope bring out the red color.

Lunar Eclipse in El Salvador

During a “super flower blood moon” eclipse in San Salvador, El Salvador, the Salvador del Mundo monument was seen next to the moon.

Total Eclipsed Super Flower Blood Moon Rises in New York City

On May 15, 2022, in New York City, the total eclipsed “super flower blood moon” set over lower Manhattan and One World Trade Center.

Turkey Full Moon

Early Monday, a “super flower blood moon” appeared above the medieval city center of Mardin in southeastern Turkey, which is known for its stone houses.

Meanwhile, a total eclipse was just mostly visible in portions of Western Europe and Western Africa.

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