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Eumir Marcial Wins Against Thai Weerapon Jongjoho on Sunday

eumir marcial wins against thai weerapon jongjoho on sunday

Eumir Marcial who’s 80kg in weight, recently left his middleweight class as he proceeded to the heavyweight category. The 27-year-old boxer shares, “I am presented with a new challenge because of my transition to a higher weight division. To be honest, it has strengthened my determination to win,” the boxer then continued to add, “I feel that I will become comfortable at 80kg because that’s my walking weight, but I also expect stronger fighters in this weight class”.

The Hangzhou Games, which run from September 23 until October 8, brings winners to the Paris Summer Games. This is Marcial’s last chance to participate in the Olympics.

On Sunday night, October 1, Marcial knocked out Thai Asian Games champion Weerapom Jongjoho. The Filipino representative was able to knock down Jongjoho with a right blow preceded by an exchange on the corner.

After managing to stand up after the blow, Jongjoho was waived by the match’s referee, sending Marcial to the semi-finals. Marcial is set to go against Syria’s Ahmad Ghousoon on Wednesday at the Hangzhou Gymnasium.

Only finalists in the heavyweight division can proceed to the Olympics.

Marcial is in for a fight with crowd favorite Ahmad Ghousoon, who hammered Shabbos Negmatulloev of Tajikistan with powerful blows to the head and body.

With his win against Jongjoho, the Philippines’ Eumir Marcial is now assured a bronze medal in the Asian Games.

Will Eumir Marcial be the next Filipino to represent thePhilippines in the Olympics? The country has shown great pride in its athletes and their representation in the Olympics. Athletes like Hidilyn Diaz and Carlos Yulo are known names to the Filipino household today.

The 27-year-old from Zamboanga City is joined by Nesthy Petecio and Carlo Paalam, two Tokyo Olympic silver medalists representing the Philippines. Both Petecio and Paalam are vying for gold medals in the Paris Olympics. 

As of September 6, two tickets are up for grabs to Paris, one ticket per weight class. At the same time, four tickets are available per category for the women’s class.

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