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Dbrand sues Casetify, accusing them of stealing case and skin design

dbrand is suing casetify accusing them of stealing case and skin design

Dbrand, a company that specializes in producing electronics accessories, has filed a “multi-million dollar” lawsuit against Casetify after the company claims Casetify “stole” JerryRigEverything’s case designs.

The said skins and case designs, created in collaboration with YouTuber Zack “JerryRigEverything” Nelson, are designed to look like the guts of the device they’re applied to, such as smartphones, laptops and gaming systems. 

JerryRigEverything is a YouTuber known for his “durability test” for smartphones and other gadgets, these tests often include scratching, bending, and burning devices to assess their resilience. 

He has torn down dozens of phones, inspiring him to work with Dbrand on the ‘Teardown’ series of phone cases that display that phone’s internal hardware on the outside.

According to Nelson, he and Dbrand “go to extreme lengths to ensure that every Teardown skin is an accurate representation” of the inside of each device. 

However, the crux of Dbrand and JerryRigEverything’s argument lies in the small details. According to both parties, these designs were infused with Easter eggs that weren’t parts of the real phone’s internal workings.

Dbrand alleges that Casetify’s Inside Out cases feature a poorly masked version of a label found on teardown products, which includes Zack Nelson’s signature phrase, “glass is glass, and glass breaks.” Nelson criticizes Casetify for having an exceptionally low print quality on its cases. Additionally, Dbrand claims that its logo is even present on a Casetify case.

Nelson uploaded a video in Youtube and was shared in X by Dbrand, Nelson says the saga stems back to earlier this year, when an X user claimed Casetify was selling a “transparent” case for a Samsung phone that displays the internals of an iPhone. Dbrand poked fun at Casetify for the apparent slip up.

Meanwhile, by Thursday afternoon, a few hours after Nelson and Dbrand published their accusations of Casetify stealing their case and skin design, Casetify had pulled every Inside Out product from its website. 

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