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Counter-Strike 2 Arrives After March 2023 Announcement

counter strike 2 arrives after march 2023 announcement

Players have been waiting for Counter-Strike 2 (CS2)’s release since it was announced last March. With its arrival, fan’s CS2 countdown has finally ended. Since then, Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) has consistently climbed the Steam player charts and reclaimed its position as the most-played shooter on the planet.

Fans have also seen a glimpse of the new CS2 maps, revisions, and additions through the beta, but players are still eager to see the full Counter-Strike 2 launch. CS2 was released at 1:40 PM PST and is now available for gamers to play for free.

Fans have been excited for CS 2’s release date since it’s trailer was teased last March. Over the past week, Valve has been speculating about the game’s release on X, posting intriguing messages like what fans are doing next Wednesday. 

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Counter-Strike 2 has also changed their X’s profile header from saying “Dawn of A New Day” to “Dawn of the Final Day” a couple hours before the launch of the update, confirming the release of Counter-Strike 2 on Wednesday, September 27th U.S. time and bidding goodbye to Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

Twitch also posted on X, solidifying the release of the game.

Counter-Strike 2 has arrived as an update to the preexisting Counter-Strike Global Offensive game that fans and players enjoy. 

Valve released the trailer on the 22nd of March. It allowed the game’s top players to do a “limited test” on the new update. Ever since, fans have been on a CS2 countdown and have been excited about the new features which include the following:

  • A matchmaking mode.
  • A ranked leaderboard using Counter-Strike rating.
  • Changes to the max rounds from 12 to 15.

It’s still unclear when the Active Duty map pool will be available to the public, but all seven current maps in Counter-Strike Global Offensive have been added to Counter-Strike 2.

Upon installation, the game will take up around 35 gigabytes of your storage space. This was based on the current 32.7 gigabytes of the beta of Counter-Strike 2, which initially was 26.4 gigabytes but went higher after uncompression.

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