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CDO City Council passes Tax Relief Ordinance

cdo tax relief ordinance

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, PHILIPPINES — The Cagayan de Oro City Council approved the ordinance that grants tax relief to delinquent real property and business taxpayers, stall holders in public markets and terminals, and violators of traffic rules and regulations. 

Under City Ordinance No. 14385-2022, tax relief is granted in the form of condonation of their interests, surcharges, penalties, and/or arrearages. Delinquent taxpayers in CDO City are given a lessened burden in their tax payments.

Those who are real property taxpayers, business taxpayers, stall awardees in all city-owned and city-operated markets and terminals and traffic violators who failed to pay the fines for the year 2021 and prior years in Cagayan de Oro are counted among the taxpayers who are qualified to avail the tax relief or condonation.

However, some will be automatically disqualified from availing of the tax relief or condonation. This disqualification includes any person, company, or corporation that was a previous grantee of a tax relief program from the City Government, yet has continued to be delinquent in the payment of their real property taxes and/or business taxes.

According to the City Council, the grant of tax relief is an incentive and motivation for taxpayers, business permittees, stall holders, and traffic violators who faced extraordinary challenges due to the pandemic.

Last June, when City Mayor Rolando “Klarex” Uy took his oath of office to be the mayor of this city, he had given a promise of a tax relief ordinance for the business sector. He also vowed to give amnesty to jeepney and Motorela drivers on their traffic violation fines.

CDO Councilor and majority floor leader Ian Mark Nacaya said that the mayor signified his administration’s commitment and resolve to rejuvenate the city’s economy from the debilitating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the inflation and other challenges facing the country, vowing to rejuvenate the city’s economy.

He also commended Mayor Uy’s successful submission to the 20th City Council for City Hall’s Php 7.8 billion annual budget of this city. – WhatALife!/Zed

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