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Cagayan de Oro coronavirus cases rise to 1,715


Cagayan de Oro City reported 22 new confirmed cases for coronavirus disease (COVID-19) on Tuesday, November 3.

In today’s press briefing, City Health Officer Dr. Lorraine Nery said of the 22 new cases, one is a locally stranded individual (LSI), and the rest are local cases.

The cumulative total of confirmed cases in the city is now at 1,715.

Out of the cumulative total, 615 are active cases, 31 are currently admitted at Northern Mindanao Medical Center (NMMC), 567 outpatients staying at the Temporary Treatment and Monitoring Facility (TTMF), and 17 cases under the ROF/LSI category.

Dr. Nery also announced eight new recoveries and one new death, bringing the total recovery and death toll to 1,027 and 73, respectively.

Of the cumulative total, 360 are under the LSI/ROF category, with 17 active cases, one death (ROF), and 342 recovered. Meanwhile, local cases rise to 1,232, with 515 active cases, 67 deaths, and 626 recoveries.

Profiles of the new 22 cases:

1,694 Case: 24-year-old male, LSI from Gusa

  • Sales agent from Manila

1,695 Case: 23-year-old female, Local from Nazareth

  • Niece and watcher of 1,423 (uncle)

1,696 Case: 47-year-old female, Local Lapasan

  • Niece and watcher of 1,525 (uncle)

1,697 Case: 30-year-old female, Local APOR from Carmen

  • Health care worker/nurse in a private hospital

1,698 Case: 34-year-old male, Local from Balulang

  • Co-worker of 1,520
  • Health care worker/Radiologic Technology of a dialysis center

1,699 Case: 30-year-old male, Local from Carmen

  • Private employee (cooperative) and exposed to 1,604

1,700 Case: 31-year-old female, Local from Carmen

  • Common law partner of 1,467
  • Government employee

1,701 Case: 40-year-old female, Local APOR from Patag

  • Health care worker/nurse from a private institution (dialysis center)
  • Expose to 1,500

1,702 Case: 75-year-old female, Local from Kauswagan

  • Relative of 1,715

1,703 Case: 27-year-old male, Local from Bulua

  • Private employee

1,704 Case: 41-year-old female, Local from Carmen

  • Private employee

1,705 Case: 31-year-old female, Local from Lumbia

  • Private employee

1,706 Case: 34-year-old female, Local from Lumbia

  • Co-worker of 1,685
  • Sales agent of a private company

1,707 Case: 41-year-old female, Local APOR from Gusa

  • Co-worker of 1,654
  • Medical Technologist at City Health Office
  • Assigned in 2 health centers

1,708 Case: 25-year-old female, Local APOR from Nazareth

  • Co-worker of a confirmed case
  • Health care worker/nurse from a private hospital

1,709 Case: 48-year-old male, Local APOR from Lapasan

  • Health care worker/nurse at NMMC

1,710 Case: 52-year-old female, Local APOR from Brgy 11

  • Health care worker/nurse at NMMC

1,711 Case: 24-year-old female, Local APOR from Brgy 11

  • Health care worker/Medical Technologist at NMMC and daughter of 1,710

1,712 Case: 24-year-old male, Local APOR from Canitoan

  • Health care worker at NMMC
  • Exposed to a confirmed case

1,713 Case: 77-year-old male, Local from Agusan

  • Oct 23 shortness of breath and admitted at NMMC

1,714 Case: 57-year-old male, Local from Cugman

  • Driver of a private company

1,715 Case: 85-year-old female, Local from Kauswagan (expired)

  • Oct 21 onset of symptoms
  • Oct 29 seek medical consultation in a private hospital and referred to NMMC
  • Oct 30 expired at NMMC

Watch today’s press briefing below.

For ROFs/LSIs, please contact either of the following hotline numbers to notify your arrival from Monday to Sunday 8 AM to 9 PM:

  • 0919-068-9770
  • 0953-360-5463
  • 0965-830-7178

You can also reach out via email at oca.cagayandeoro@gmail.com or message them on Facebook at fb.com/OCA.CdeO. The City will also host an FB Live Support for LSIs every 10 AM to 11 AM or 3 PM to 4 PM. For Barangay Health Emergency Response Team (BHERTS) numbers, check them out here.

Avail the NMMC Teleconsulta services for your medical concerns and consultations. Call them at any of the following numbers below from Mondays to Fridays (except holidays) between 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


  • 0910 620 1319
  • 0910 620 0903
  • 0910 620 1076
  • 0977 244 0487


  • 0977 244 0490
  • 0953 358 3000

—(Source: City Information Office)

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