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BTS Meal: McDonald’s hints comeback 2022

bts meal mcdonalds hints comeback 2022

McDonald’s posted cryptic tweets hinting a 2022 comeback of the best-selling BTS Meal.

BTS partnered with the famous fast-food company to create the BTS Meal as part of their Famous Orders initiative. 

Despite the varied packaging depending on the location, each meal consists of medium fries, Coca-Cola, and Chicken McNuggets with dipping sauces, Cajun and Sweet Chili.

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According to Koreaboo, there was intense high demand for the meal in Indonesia, forcing a dozen restaurants to shut down as numerous delivery riders attempted to collect orders.

The group’s fans were collecting the meal’s purple packaging like merch alongside clothing that included T-shirts, sweatshirts, socks, and more from the official BTS x McDonald’s HYBE MERCH.

On April 8 this year, McDonald’s official Twitter account shared a tweet to hype the group’s Permission To Dance On Stage concert in Las Vegas.

It also brought back the BTS x McDonald’s merch characters in their following tweet on April 15.

The restaurant-turned-stan Twitter account has recently shared a cryptic tweet that hints at a comeback, “bring back _____.”

Many are speculating that it is referring to the BTS Meal after a stan account replied to one of their tweets saying, “bts mcdonals merch + bts meal + sweet chili sauce + cajun sauce + bts photocards.” They then responded saying, “my calculator said this equals.” 

The meal launched in May 2021, and the group’s comeback is on June 10 this year, which everyone thought was perfect timing.

The topic made it to Twitter’s top trends with the tagline ‘BTS Meal,’ alongside with the tagline ‘BTS PAVED THE WAY’ as their fans showed support for streaming their hit song, ‘Butter’ for Billboard’s Hot 100.

Additionally, the group shared gratitude for being one of the new artists to be included in the Artist Spotlight series on Apple Fitness+.

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