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BTS Jungkook rules over Seoul on his birthday; #JungkookDay trends on Twitter 

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SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — Jeon Jung-Kook rules over Seoul on his birthday, as the BTS’ youngest member turns 25 on Thursday, September 1, 2022. 

Just a few days from BTS Jungkook’s birthday, the city is already overrun with his commercials, billboards, and other advertisements to celebrate the event.

As his birthday approaches, more billboards and commercials throughout Seoul feature Jungkook celebrating his special day.

Jungkook’s face was plastered all over South Korea to celebrate his birthday, as posted by ARMYs (BTS’ Fandom) on Twitter.

Many fans visit Jungkook’s Magic Shop and Baby Highness giant doll in Hongdae, Seoul daily to view it and take photographs, making it a popular tourist attraction.

In front of the Hybe building in Seoul is a 10-meter banner and billboards featuring Jungkook.

Hamilton Hotel and other towers’ peaks have massive billboards for Jungkook. 

Several Flower Shop activities take place yearly in Seoul, celebrating Jungkook’s birthday.

Taxis are also not an exception when sending him birthday greetings.

In addition, ARMYs on Twitter celebrate Jungkook’s birthday through the hashtag #JungkookDay that dominated the microblogging site, celebrating the South Korean artist’s day.

One can’t get enough of the fans’ sharing of the youngest member of BTS’s cute videos, GIFs, and photos.

At the young age of 14, Jungkook began his career in show business. He appeared in an audition for a well-known Korean talent search program, which caught the eye of various entertainment businesses. Later, he decided to join BTS. 

The members of BTS are RM, Jin, Jimin, Suga, J-Hope, Jungkook, and V. –WhatALife!/Brix

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