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Bisaya talk show ‘CHITchat, Ato Ni!’ bids farewell

bisaya talk show chitchat ato ni bids farewell

Bisaya talk show “CHITchat, Ato Ni” finally bids farewell in a video uploaded by renowned Visayan host Chito Samontina on Facebook.

Samontina started with a heartfelt message in front of the camera as he thanked his avid fans and viewers for their dedicated support for almost two years since the show aired its first episode in 2022 with Visayan influencer Rowell Divina. 

The video features a compilation of scenes of various personalities who he was able to spend time with on the show. The personalities shown on the video include famous Filipina actress Melai Cantiveros, Davao politician Baste Duterte, Cebuano vlogger Joseph Sabello, and many more.

The show mainly focuses on Bisaya culture, public figures, and ordinary citizens as they share their unique stories about how they were able to achieve success in their own unique ways. Perhaps the show is a good and convenient spot to stay in touch closer to our Visayan roots as we listen to our fellow Visayans’ ups and downs.

CHITchat, Ato Ni! is known for its informal and unscripted interview style. Through the show’s unique format, it gradually gained an immense amount of support and attention from fellow locals. One can easily notice the coziness and free-flowing conversations on the show, where Chito and his guests can talk about a range of topics.

Recently, the show was also awarded the 2023 Asia’s Best Bisaya Talk Show Host by the Asia Pacific Luminare Awards.

With over 30 million views and counting, the show became the leading Bisaya talk show in the Philippines. 

Moreover, the show’s viewers and supporters were surprised and sad after Samontina ended the show with its farewell video. Chito hasn’t officially disclosed the reason for the show’s closure yet. However, the fans are still optimistic about a possible and better comeback of Samontina.

As of this writing, Samontina went on to upload a sequel of the previous video and as it turns out, a second season of the well-loved talk show is about to launch this August 27, Sunday, featuring Filipino entrepreneur actor Slater Young. 

On the video, Samontina went with a little plot twist as he amusingly transitioned the scene into a brighter announcement of the new upcoming season following its first season’s conclusion. The video also emphasized that the show is coming back even better this time for everyone to enjoy. 

Who do you want to see next? Stay tuned! – WhatALife!/Val

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