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Benedict Cua Welcomes Son Aleck

benedict cua welcomes son aleck

MANILA — Content creator Benedict Cua is celebrating a new milestone in his life as he embraces fatherhood. In a heartfelt Instagram post, Benedict Cua’s son, Aleck, was introduced to his followers.

“Aleck, my son. The love of my life. No words can explain this overwhelming love that I feel as I cradle you in my arms,” Cua expressed. “My beautiful warrior, you fill me with awe and excitement. I promise to be your home and your protection, nurturing you with infinite love,” he added.

The content creator recently returned to his family house, renovating his room on the top floor to welcome his son. Moreover, on Instagram, Cua shared photos and a video of two-month-old Aleck, lovingly carrying his bundle of joy.

In addition to the Instagram post, Cua released a vlog update on YouTube, where he explained his recent absence from the online community. “I’m just very focused on accomplishing all my tasks and being a hands-on father to my child,” he said, beaming with pride over having someone to call his child.

Benedict Cua affectionately nicknamed his son Xiao Long Bao or Pao-pao, explaining that “xiao” means small, “long” means dragon, and “bao” refers to treasure. He shared how the past two months have been the best of his life, dedicating himself to immortalizing all of Aleck’s moments, even keeping his cord and first nail trimmings.

“Sometimes I look at his hands and see my own hands in them,” Cua said, pausing to control his emotions. “That’s when I realized I’m truly a father now.”

Congratulations, Benedict, on this beautiful new chapter!

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