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Bar Examination 2020-2021 happening today and on February 6, #BarExam2022 trends on Twitter

bar examination 2020 2021 happening today and on february 6

The 2022 Bar Exam in the Philippines is finally happening today (February 4) and on Sunday (February 6). #BarExam2022 trends on Twitter as exam takers and their family share their excitement for the momentous occasion.

The Supreme Court previously postponed the Bar Exams, which was supposed to be held last month on January 23 and 25, due to the devastating effects of Typhoon Odette and the rising cases of COVID-19. The schedule was then moved to February 4 and 6.

The decision was further encouraged as 16.8% of the 8,456 Bar examinees are either positive for COVID-19, living with someone positive for COVID-19, or under quarantine due to direct contact.

This will also be the first time that the Bar Exams are held in locations other than the National Capital Region. The official Twitter account of the Philippine Supreme Court released Bar Bulletin No. 33, S.2022, announcing the change of schedule and where the exams will be held in different parts of the country.

To avoid further virus transmission, the Supreme Court requires examinees to test negative for COVID-19. Only Bar applicants with negative results will be allowed to the testing site.

The local government of Cebu previously suggested to the SC to allow COVID-positive Bar applicants to take the exam. Some lawyers were willing to support the isolation, extraction, and transportation of the positive Bar takers, giving them the chance to take the exam in a separate isolated testing area.

But the request was later denied due to issues in logistical and facility necessities in other host LGUs.

“Because there are 31 testing sites all over the country… they have to be uniform,” Cebu City Councilor Joel Garganera said in a statement regarding their request.


See what Bar takers and their families and friend shared on Twitter below.

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