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Apple notifies all iPhone user to update to iOS 15.4 for safety

iOS 15.4 notified all iPhone users to update now for safety

Apple’s iOS 15.4 update is now available, along with exciting new iPhone features. However, iOS 15.4 came with a caution to update right away since it addresses 39 security concerns, some of which are critical.

Apple iOS 15.4 could be the final major upgrade before the scheduled version of iOS16 this autumn.

iOS 15.4 also fixes core problems that might allow malicious apps to execute arbitrary code. Most of Apple’s latest security fixes—such as the lone but severe flaw corrected in iOS 15.3.1—have been updated after being utilized to attack iPhones. However, none of the vulnerabilities patched in iOS 15.4 have yet been exploited in a live assault.

Check out the security updates and details about iOS 15.4 here.

Why iOS users must update their iPhone OS to 15.4

Apple’s iOS 15.4 update includes several great new functionality, such as iCloud Keychain upgrades and the ability to use Face ID while wearing a mask.

Apple has issued all of its updates on the same day, including for Macs. The company also offered significant security patches to iPhones running iOS 14 when iOS 15 was originally released.

Many of the bugs addressed in iOS 15.4 are critical, so updating your iPhone as soon as possible is great move.

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