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Alice in Borderland Making a Comeback for Season 3 on Netflix

alice in borderland making a comeback for season 3 on netflix

Netflix has officially announced that the popular hit show, Alice in Borderland, is coming back with a 3rd season. The announcement was made back in September 2023.

Although the Alice in Borderland season 3 release date has yet to be confirmed, it’s more likely that its estimated premiere will be around early 2025. 

Based on the hit manga series by Haro Aso, the show follows a group of characters who are trapped in an abandoned Tokyo. We watch as the characters are forced to compete in a dangerous game to survive.

So far, there have only been two confirmed cast members for Alice in Borderland Season 3. Kento Yamazaki will be returning as the show’s main character, Arisu, with Tao Tsuchiya as Usagi. 

Season 2’s finale has matches with the same ending in the original manga. The duo encounters the Queen of Hearts, Mira, who initiates a series of psychological mind games aimed at thwarting their efforts to complete her seemingly straightforward game of croquet. 

In the end, they successfully accomplish the task, unveiling the true significance of the world they inhabit. 

The season finale additionally provided a teaser of the “Joker”, to which some fans speculate to be the new villain in season 3. It is also possible that Season 3 will be introducing new characters who will face similar challenges. 

This leaves no room to predict who will be returning for the next season or what the plot covers. Further confirmation regarding the story and cast will be revealed further once the production begins.

Season 3 may also adapt or borrow plots from the spin-off manga or create an original story altogether. However, we can only speculate until Netflix provides more news. 

Very little information has been disclosed beyond the confirmation, leaving the timing of when development and production for “Alice in Borderland” will commence uncertain. We will have to wait until Alice in Borderland season 3 release date is officially announced.

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