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Sony’s new PS5 Slim launches this November

sonys new ps5 slim launches this november

Sony has finally announced the newest PS5 Slim that goes with a detectable disc drive and 1TB of internal storage. This gives gamers from all over the globe profound excitement, especially with its new and refreshing design. From the looks of it, it’s the slimmer and sleeker version of the existing PS5. So, what makes this new gaming platform interesting?

First and foremost, let’s talk about the PS5 Slim’s price. It costs $499.99 with the drive included, while the PS5 Digital Edition is $449.99. The PS5 Slim, in particular, is also known for its feature that allows users to reduce its volume by more than 30 percent and up to 24 percent reduction in weight, depending on the model you pick.

“To address the evolving needs of players, our engineering and design teams collaborated on a new form factor that provides greater choice and flexibility,” Sid Shuman, senior director of SIE Content Communications, said on the PlayStation blog.

The side panels of the Sony PS5 Slim have also been redesigned with two covers split into four separate removable entities. This allows users and particularly gamers to add the Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive which will be sold separately for $79.99 on the PS5 Digital editions later.

Another interesting feature is the new PS5 Slim include a horizontal stand in the package. However, for gamers who have their own preference and are more comfortable with the opposite, they’ll have to purchase a redesigned ring-style vertical stand separately which costs $29.99.

Furthermore, Sony is also set to announce the availability of different colors for the newest PS5 Slim in early 2024. These would include a matter Black colourway and the Deep Earth Collection colors in Volcanic Red, Cobalt Blue, and Sterling Silver, with more colors coming up in store. Lastly, the PS5 Slim covers will start at $54.99.  

The official announcement of the newest PS5 Slim comes months after the device leaked and after numerous reports suggested that Sony was working on a PS5 with a detachable drive. In addition, Sony also just wrapped up its first PS5 sale, offering significant price reductions in the UK, Germany, India, and various other regions.

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