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Top 3 Easiest valid IDs you can get as a Fresh Graduate in the Philippines

top 3 easiest valid ids you can get as a fresh graduate in the philippines

A valid ID is necessary when doing business with private and public agencies in the Philippines. For fresh graduates seeking to find a job, it plays a vital role in the employment processes. While there are numerous IDs you can get, this article will provide you with the easiest ones you can get without having to go through a rigorous and expensive process.

Some government IDs are faster and easier to get. Here are some valid IDs and their requirements to get you started. 

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Postal ID

One of the fastest and least complicated valid IDs to get is the Postal ID. A birth certificate and proof of residency will do. For both first and renewal applications, the cost is Php504. However, you can opt for a faster processing, which guarantees delivery within three to four business days for Php650.


  • Two accomplished copies of the PID application form.
  • One proof of identity: NSO Birth Certificate, GSIS or SSS UMID card, valid Driver’s License, or Passport.
  • One proof of address: Barangay Certificate of Residency issued within three months prior to application, bank statement, or utility bill.

After finishing the application, it might take around 15 working days before you get your ID and around 30 working days if you’re located in remote barangays. Improved Postal IDs shall be valid for Filipinos for three (3) years.

Tip: You can check for a Philpost branch nearest to you at www.postalidph.com.

NBI Clearance

An NBI clearance—is technically not an ID. Still, many regard it as such because obtaining one entails fulfilling a specific process imposed by the government and is one of the main requirements companies need for employment. Using the NBI clearance official website, you may conveniently apply for one, schedule an appointment, and pay Php130 (with an additional Php25 if you pay with an electronic payment service) for the document.

This document will be valid for six months to a year, so you must apply for a renewal when it expires.


  • Two valid government-issued IDs (UMID, passport, driver’s license,, postal ID, PhilHealth ID,  BIR ID or an original copy of your birth certificate)

It’s important to take note that when an applicant’s name matches or resembles another in the NBI’s database, a “hit” may indicate a criminal record or pending case. In such cases, the NBI has to verify your records and you will be required to return after a few days to a week in order to claim your clearance. Legal action might be pursued otherwise. But generally, you can claim your NBI clearance the day you process it. Your NBI clearance is valid for one year from the date of issuance.

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Getting a passport is simple. In contrast to the first two IDs on this list which expire after a few years, a passport has a 10-year validity term from the date of issue. Getting one is also essential if you want to travel abroad.

To start your passport application, you need to book an online appointment and fill up the application form.


  • Confirmed online appointment
  • Personal appearance
  • Accomplished application form
  • Original and photocopy of PSA authenticated birth certificate
  • Any of the following acceptable IDs with one photocopy: SSS card, GSIS card, UMID, Driver’s License, PRC ID, Voter’s ID or Voter’s Certificate issued from COMELEC main office, Postal ID, school ID (minors)

For areas outside Metro Manila, passports are processed and released in 12 working days for ordinary processing and 7 working days for accelerated processing After one to two weeks, you can then pick up your passport. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the easiest valid ID to get as a student?

The easiest valid ID to obtain in the Philippines is a Postal ID. There are just three documents needed, three processes to follow, and a small fee. After that, you can use it as a valid government ID and all of the benefits associated with the Postal ID Privilege Program.

Is a school ID a valid ID after graduation? 

Yes. ASchool ID is valid for 1 year upon graduation.

What is the most valid ID in the Philippines?

The Philippine Passport, Postal ID, and Driver’s License from the Land Transportation Office (LTO) are primary IDs with excellent reliability and widespread acceptance.

Can I get postal ID now?

The Postal ID application’s online service is currently accessible. It is something you must apply for at the post office.

Final Thoughts

Acquiring a valid ID as a fresh graduate in the Philippines can be challenging. Several options offer relatively straightforward paths. The top three choices include the Postal ID, NBI Clearance, and Passport. Getting a valid ID at first might take a lot of work. However, once you get one primary valid ID, processing the other is relatively easy. While each ID has its requirements and processing times, these options allow fresh graduates in the Philippines to obtain a valid ID. Whether for employment or personal identification purposes, having a valid ID is essential, and these choices offer relatively easy routes to acquire one.


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