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A Guide for Bacolod Travel Requirements

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The Bacolod Travel Pass Requirements of 2023 have been released for eager tourists and business travelers to refer to. Bacolod City is located within the Western areas of the Visayas region and is known to be the capital of Negros Occidental. Many visitors would find it resourceful, especially when visiting around and experiencing life within the city.

Why Visit Bacolod City? 

Bacolod City is dynamic and is full of magnificent photo-worthy views of historical landmarks and cultural roots. It has gained the recognizable nickname as the “City of Smiles” and for a good reason. The city is most popular for hosting the MassKara Festival every October.

The MassKara Festival showcases the city’s vibrant views, artistry, and creativity that is influenced by their roots and history. The city also openly displays its rich culture that shows the deep roots of both Spanish and Filipino influences towards visitors. 

Besides its cultural roots, the city also offers a number of local attractions that tourists can enjoy and visit. Many local articles even mention Bacolod City as the cheapest touring spot within the country, encouraging a lot of tourists to drop by and indulge into the many factors the city has to offer.

What Are The Travel Requirements for Visiting Bacolod City

The country is open to all international tourists as long as specific immigration rules are followed. Furthermore, in order to travel and visit Bacolod city, both tourists and local residents should have items and registrations that fall under the Bacolod travel pass requirements. 

Furthermore. Some health-assessments are still being conducted in order to minimize potential COVID-19 or other sickness from spreading. Here are the specific requirements that are still deemed necessary upon traveling onto the city:

For Fully-Vaccinated Travelers:

  1. Valid/Official Government I.D.
  2. COVID-19 Vaccination Card and Documentation. (Issued by the Local Government Unit and Department of Health).
  3. Online BacTRAC registration via bacolodcity.gov.ph 

For Partially/Unvaccinated Travelers:

  1. Valid/Official Government I.D.
  2. Negative Non-reactive Antigen Test Results (should be taken from any DOH-accredited facility and released within 48 hours prior to travel).
  3. A separate Rapid Antigen Test Results conducted by the Province of Negros Occidental.

Unique Touring Spots

Now that you are aware of the current Bacolod Travel Pass requirements for 2023, it is a good idea to know which touring spot and attraction you should visit first. 

As mentioned previously, Bacolod City offers a number of unique attractions and views that are unique, great in views, and significant to the city itself.Here are some highly recommended touring spots you can visit within the city:

Mag-aso Falls

For people who admire a beautiful, natural view. The Mag-aso Falls is a short drive away from the main city and is deemed as one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area. Mag-aso Falls is ideal for visitors who want to be away from the busy city and find themselves relaxing in nature.

Capitol Lagoon Park

One of the most-visited places in Bacolod City. Capitol Lagoon Park is conveniently located at the heart of the city alongside Lacson St. In this park, tourists can spend quality time with loved ones and enjoy their days. The park is also decorated with different attractive structures that would be perfect for a photoshoot.

San Sebastian Cathedral

The San Sebastian Cathedral Church is a structure that has been within the city since 1882. The building harbors an elegant architectural design that connects to the Spanish times and marks itself as an important historical image.

The Ruins

Last but not the least, The Ruins is another popular historical landmark within the city. The structure was what remains of an ancestral mansion after it was set ablaze by guerilla fighters back in 1942. Despite its appearance and history, the Ruins have been recognized by many as one of the country’s architectural wonders. 

Final Thoughts

Bacolod City offers an abundance of tourist attractions and distinctive destinations that promise a memorable visit. The city’s rich cultural tapestry and vibrant ambiance guarantee that the trip is not only worthwhile but also filled with continuous entertainment and excitement.

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