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12 Popular Christmas Decorations in the Philippines

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In the Philippines, December is widely known as a religious season, as Christmas Day celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. The season is also influenced by other Western symbols such as Santa Claus, snowmen, etc. If you’re a Filipino in love with the season, you’ll want some ideas for Christmas decorations, ornaments, and materials ahead of time! 

The Philippines celebrates Christmas for “more than [four] months” yearly. And why wouldn’t Filipinos celebrate a holiday season for people to come together and socialize with friends and family? After all, Christmas is a time when people extend generosity to everyone around and express themselves through: 

  • Giving gifts;
  • Putting up decorations, and
  • Doing activities (e.g., going to mass, celebrating).

Christmas is coming once again! So, get in the holiday spirit with popular Christmas decoration ideas for an amazing season of giving! 

christmas wreath

Christmas Wreath

Hang a Christmas Wreath on your doors or walls to show off your holiday spirit! This wreath is a reusable Christmas ornament made of acrylic material. Choose from designs such as red flowers, double bells, golden gifts, Santa, snowmen, and elks!

christmas balls

Christmas Baubles

Deck the halls by attaching decorative baubles to Christmas trees! These shiny round Christmas decorations are made out of reusable and durable plastic material. Also, these decorations come in the following sizes: 40-, 60-, and 80-mm, and various colors: gold, pink, silver, violet, blue, and red.

christmas tree

Christmas Tree

Christmas isn’t the same without the iconic tree: the symbol of the holiday spirit, joy, and renewal! This eco-friendly Christmas ornament is made of waterproof PVC material, and its metal stand helps it stand straight even in strong wind. Also, it’s easy to assemble, store, wash, and air dry. Available colors are green, white, pink, and more! 

christmas lights

Christmas Lights

Illuminate your surroundings with these safe, reliable Christmas lights. Its 100 pieces of low-power LED lights come in white, warm white, blue, green, and red. This Christmas decoration even has a version with multiple colors!

christmas parol lanterns

Christmas Parol Lanterns

This traditional and symbolic ornament is commonly seen in the Philippines during Christmas! As a decoration, it’s lightweight, colorful, and saves on energy. The idea of having a parol adds to the beauty and delight of the season both indoors and outdoors. Its available designs include stars, peacocks, trees, pinwheels, and more!

christmas garland

Christmas Garland

Add to the Christmas vibe with a beautiful garland — a reminder of hope and vitality this holiday season. Filipinos can add this decoration to mantels, staircases, etc. It comes with or without lights and in various colors, such as red, gold, or silver.

christmas belen

Christmas Nativity Set

Christmas is not only a national holiday but a religious one. So, commemorate the birth of Christ by adding a Nativity Set to your decorations! This decor has a length and height of 16 inches and comes with figurines and Christmas lights. Available colors are red, green, and white.

christmas banners

Christmas Banners

Hoist the colors of the Christmas season with decorative banners! It adds a visually appealing touch to a warm and joyful holiday atmosphere. These Christmas ornaments come in various designs with popular symbols such as Santa Claus, gifts, reindeer, elves, stars, and more.

christmas dolls

Christmas Dolls

Holiday cheer has never looked better than with Christmas Doll ornaments that symbolize the spirit of giving, love, and joy. These decorations may also resonate with our ideas of Christmas during our childhood. It comes in three characters: Santa Claus, a Snowman, and an Elk. 

christmas socks

Christmas Socks

Wake up to small gifts and treats inside your hanging Christmas Socks! After all, this decoration symbolizes generosity and the spirit of sharing. Also, it adds an element of joy and surprise to Christmas Day celebrations. You can choose from characters like Elks, Snowmen, Santa Claus, and Bears. 

christmas figurines

Christmas Figurines

In addition to decorations, Christmas Figurines can double as presents for friends and family. For example, you can make them into collectible figurines to be passed down for generations! Available designs are Santa with Peace, Santa with Love, Moose with Hope, and Snowman with Joy. 

christmas lamps

Christmas Lamps

Add more warmth and glow to your festivities with Christmas Lamps. These Christmas ornaments create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere out- or indoors. Its outer cover comes in black, white, and red. Choose from Deer, Angel, Santa Claus, and Snowman designs!


‘Tis the season to buy Christmas decorations, ornaments, and materials for your surroundings. Having these Christmas decorations contributes to the holiday’s festive ambiance!

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