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Zoren Legaspi, Carmina Villaroel face criticism for remarks on relationships and appearance

zoren legaspi carmina villaroel face criticism for remarks on relationships and appearance

In February, an old interview featuring Zoren Legaspi and Carmina Villaroel discussing relationships and appearance resurfaced on social media platforms, sparking controversy from netizens on Facebook and TikTok.

In the interview, originally aired on Kris TV, Carmina Villaroel shared that her interest in working out and sports was influenced by her husband, Zoren Legaspi, and their active lifestyle as a family. 

However, the conversation took a contentious turn when Zoren made a comment about divorce in relation to weight gain.

“Tsaka usapan namin iyon, divorce na ‘pag tumaba siya ,” Zoren commented, implying that weight gain could be a reason for divorce and suggesting that it might be a cause for infidelity in some cases.


“nag lumba lumba kana mag fafade yung love” dyusko apaka red flag. may pinagmanahan yung anak kadiri. #fyp #foryoupage #issue #zorenlegaspi #carminavillarroel #mavylegaspi

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Zoren went on to explain his perspective, emphasizing the significance of physical attraction in maintaining love. 

He stated, “When he courted you, he found you beautiful, which was the reason why he pursued you. So, if there’s no longer physical attraction – you gained weight or lack food discipline, love will fade away.”

Carmina Villaroel’s controversial stance on relationships from a year ago also resurfaced, where she posed negative questions about how women present themselves, particularly regarding makeup and clothing choices.

“So, ‘yon na nga, nag-iba na ang ihip ng hangin, iyong talagang ano, ang kapal magmake up, hanggang dito iyong tube, kulang na lang maghubad na. Iyong gano’n, so anong reaction mo?” asking Gelli de Belen her reaction if his son is in relationship with the describe type of woman.

Social media users criticized Zoren and Carmina for their views, deeming them out of touch with contemporary societal norms. 

While Zoren made his statement years ago, and Carmina made hers in 2022, the remarks have garnered renewed attention and backlash.

As of the latest update, Zoren and Carmina have not issued any comments or statements addressing the controversy surrounding their resurfaced remarks. 

The public reaction highlights the evolving perspectives on relationships and appearance, emphasizing the importance of respecting individual choices and promoting body positivity.

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