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Dasuri denies romantic involvement amidst speculations with Mavy Legaspi

dasuri denies romantic involvement amidst speculations with mavy legaspi

South Korean dancer-actress Dasuri has denied any romantic involvement with Mavy Legaspi amidst speculations that she was the third party in his rumored split with actress Kyline Alcantara. 

Addressing the rumors on her YouTube channel on Saturday, February 24, Dasuri, whose real name is Dasuri Choi, clarified the nature of her relationship with Legaspi and refuted claims of being a third party.

Dasuri, in her YouTube channel, addressing romantic involvement with Mavy Legaspi

“I think they’re talking about the issue late last year. I’m officially saying that I’m not the third party. I will never try to be the third party in my life because I didn’t grow up to be like that,” Dasuri stated, emphasizing that her parents raised her to be a “kind” person.

“Wala talagang mangyayari sa’kin na magiging third party. But for the issue, I want to make it clear that I never had the chance to talk about it,” she continued.

Dasuri clarified to Mavy Legaspi that the specific sighting was just a get-together with their co-hosts at a restaurant opening owned by the executive producer of the Kapuso noontime program, “Tahanang Pinakamasaya.”

“That time, ‘yung restaurant na ‘yan… someone shot a photo of us because that was the soft opening ng ‘Tahanang Pinakamasaya’ executive producer.

“So we went there also with Paolo Contis, Winwyn Marquez, Arra San Agustin, and lahat ng hosts,” she clarified. “Hindi ko alam bakit ‘yun lang ang [finocus] ng account owner na ‘yun. We were together, and nandito ‘yung iba because we were late.”

She emphasized that the event was “no big deal” and that they were merely close friends. 

She expressed her indifference to the rumors, stating, “Wala akong pake, as long as I’m doing right, and hindi ako nahihiya sa parents and family ko”. 

Following Dasuri’s response, Mavy Legaspi appeared to make a cryptic remark on his Instagram Story, urging people to “let go” and to “have fun.”

As the speculation surrounding the alleged romantic involvement continues, Dasuri and Mavy Legaspi maintain their stance, asserting that the rumors are unfounded and emphasizing their commitment to doing what is right.

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