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From Bashed to Brand Ambassador: Pinay Teenager’s Journey with Charles & Keith

zoe gabriel becomes charles and keith ambassador

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — In a surprising turn of events, a Pinay teenager who was previously bashed for referring to Charles & Keith as a luxury brand has been announced as the brand’s newest ambassador.

Singapore-based Filipina teenager Zoe Gabriel, who was bashed online over her excitement for a Charles & Keith bag, is now its brand community ambassador.

The brand announced on the news on March 4 through its official social media pages.

Check out the post below:

Zoe Gabriel bashed over calling Charles & Keith bag a luxurious items

In January, Zoe garnered much attention for her elegant response to haters who had mocked her online over her joy for a Charles & Keith tote bag that was a gift from her dad. 

The Singapore-based Filipina teenager was bashed on social media when she shared a TikTok video of herself getting all excited about her new $80 (over P4,000) bag from the Singaporean fashion house, which she described as a “luxury” item.

The topic sparked heated debates among netizens. It also received unnecessary comments from some netizens who mocked the teen for considering the item as a “luxury” one. 

“Who’s gonna tell her? (laughing with tears emoji)”, read a now-deleted comment by a basher.

Zoe responded with a video of herself getting emotional as she shared how much the bag means to her as she’s not from a well-off family. 

Amid the negative comments, Zoe also got overwhelming messages of love and support from the online platform. Charles & Keith also left a note under her post.

A few days after Zoe went viral, Charles & Keith invited her to their headquarters in Singapore. There, they gave her two specially personalized versions of the company’s renowned Gabine bag.

The TikToker happily posted that she received gifts from the company on January 15.

In a video thanking netizens for their kind words and support, Zoe left a reminder to naysayers online:

“Everyone’s life experiences and financial circumstances will be different from yours. Remember that what is cheap for you may be everything to another.”

Congratulations, Zoe! –WhatALife!/Jayve

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