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Zack Snyder releases new sci-fi movie “Rebel Moon” 

zack snyder releases new sci fi movie rebel moon

American director and film producer Zack Snyder, made a massive comeback to his new sci-fi interstellar film titled “Rebel Moon”.

In the first part of Rebel Moon, Sofia Boutella takes on the role of Kora, a former Imperium soldier now residing on the serene farming moon of Veldt. However, her peaceful life is disrupted when the malevolent Admiral Atticus Noble, played by Ed Skrein, arrives on Veldt under the orders of Balisarius, the tyrannical leader of the Imperium. Confronted with her violent past, Kora must assemble a team of warriors to defend Veldt from the unimaginable threat posed by the Motherworld.

The inspiration for Rebel Moon dates back to an idea filmmaker Zack Snyder had in the 1980s during film school, envisioning a space-set story in the vein of Magnificent Seven or Seven Samurai. While working on Man of Steel in 2012, Snyder pitched an earlier version of Rebel Moon as a Star Wars narrative to Kathleen Kennedy, the head of Lucasfilm.

“I thought that Star Wars was in a vulnerable state, so I thought I had a chance,” the director told The Hollywood Reporter. 

Snyder initially aimed for an R-rated film, but with Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm, he recognized that his change was impossible. Eventually, Rebel Moon found a home at Netflix under a two-part deal unrelated to Star Wars. Both films are set to receive R-rated expansions, although specific release dates for the explicit versions have yet to be disclosed.

For Netflix, creating an event-like atmosphere and catering to Snyder’s passionate fan base could potentially justify the investment, providing subscribers with a compelling reason to tune in. If the anticipated impact falls short, the streaming service will likely find a way to present the numbers in a manner that suggests success.


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