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Rumors about Xiao Xiao’s death goes viral

rumors about xiao xiaos death went viral

Various rumors are now swirling in the internet that Xiao Xiao, a disabled woman from China who went viral because of her Tik Tok videos, is now dead.

Online speculation about Xiao Xiao’s death went viral and netizens seem to be sympathetic about it, primarily due to a widely circulated tweet. The source of the tweet and the accuracy of the information remain unknown. 

Details regarding the alleged cause of Xiao Xiao’s death are also unavailable at this time. Fans of her content are currently expressing condolences and honoring her memory, while many are hopeful that the news circulating is simply another instance of an unfounded death rumor.

“I just heard that Xiao Xiao passed away please let this be a joke.” one person wrote, with many others echoing their comments.

In a related issue, there are indications that Xiao Xiao’s social media accounts have been suspended. The suspension of her accounts could be a factor contributing to the rumors of her death, although the connection between the two events is not entirely clear.

On Twitter, some users are suggesting that Xiao Xiao’s accounts were taken down due to allegations of child abuse. The accusations state that Xiao Xiao’s mother was exploiting her daughter’s disability by sharing videos on social media, sometimes without her full consent or awareness. Despite the apparent admiration for Xiao Xiao and her content, there are concerns that her mother may have prioritized exploiting her daughter over ensuring her well-being.

Xiao Xiao, a 36-year-old woman, gained viral fame with a video posted on the Chinese social media platform Doujin, considered as the Chinese version of TikTok. Amidst the online discussions and speculations, many are expressing hope that the rumors surrounding her and the ongoing online conversations are not accurate.

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