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Where to Spend Holy Week 2024: Top Destinations for Spiritual Relaxation

where to spend holy week 2024 destinations for spiritual relaxation

As the Lent season approaches, many Filipinos eagerly anticipate the observance of Holy Week, one of the longest and most significant holidays in the predominantly Catholic country. 

It’s a time for reflection, pilgrimage, and for some, a well-deserved break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. With several days off from work and school, individuals seek out the best destinations to spend Holy Week this 2024 in the Philippines, balancing religious traditions with leisure activities.

With that, here is a comprehensive list of the top destinations for Spiritual Reflection and Relaxation for the Holy Week 2024.

Pangasinan, Ilocos Norte, and Ilocos Sur

In observance of the holy week, many Filipinos practice Visita Iglesia, a tradition that involves visiting at least seven churches during Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. This practice is deeply rooted in Catholicism and is a way for believers to reflect on the Passion of Christ. 

Some of the top destinations for Visita Iglesia include Pangasinan, known for its miraculous Minor Basilica of Our Lady of Manaoag, and the picturesque provinces of Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur, home to century-old churches dating back to the Spanish era.

Pangasinan, Ilocos Norte, and Ilocos Sur
Image Source: Guide to the Philippines


For those seeking a more profound spiritual experience, Sagada in the Mountain Province offers a serene and laid-back atmosphere conducive to introspection. Amidst the stunning natural landscapes, visitors can explore ancient traditions such as the Sugong Hanging Coffins, which symbolize the journey of the soul to heaven—a poignant reflection during the Lenten season.

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Cebu and Siquijor

Meanwhile, Cebu, dubbed the Queen City of the South, beckons travelers with its rich religious heritage and pristine beaches. Pilgrims can complete their Visita Iglesia at historic churches like the Basilica Minore Del Santo Niño, while also enjoying the sun, sand, and sea. Similarly, Siquijor, known as the mystic island, offers a unique blend of folklore, history, and spirituality. Here, visitors can participate in the Folk Healing Festival and embark on a “holy trek” up Mt. Bandilaan, all amidst the island’s natural wonders.

Cebu and Siquijor
Image Source: Christian Paul Del Rosario

Pampanga and Laguna

For those who prefer to witness the reenactment of the Passion of Christ, Pampanga is the place to be. In Barangay San Pedro Cutud, San Fernando, locals stage actual crucifixions—a solemn yet compelling display of faith. Alternatively, Laguna offers a more subdued Holy Week experience, with its numerous churches and pilgrimage sites providing ample opportunities for reflection and prayer.

Spend the Holy Week in Pampanga and Laguna!
Image Source: Guide to the Philippines

Puerto Galera and Boracay

For those simply looking to unwind and escape the crowds, Puerto Galera and Boracay offer idyllic beach getaways. Despite being known for their vibrant nightlife and water sports activities, these destinations also provide spaces for quiet contemplation. Travelers can find moments of serenity amidst Holy Week festivities, whether lounging in Boracay or exploring Puerto Galera.

Final Thoughts

The Philippines offers the best places and a myriad of options to spend for both spiritual observance and leisurely relaxation for Holy Week. Experience the sacred allure of this season, whether on a church pilgrimage or basking in tropical sun. There’s definitely something for everyone to cherish in these sacred times.

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