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Where to date in Cagayan de Oro City


CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, PHILIPPINES — Having a hard time thinking about where to go for date night in Cagayan de Oro? Don’t worry; with many new establishments popping up everywhere, you are sure to find the best place here to commemorate Valentine’s day with your partner. To help you out, here are the top 14 dating places for February 14th in CdeO!

Where to go for date night: #CafeDates

It is a known fact that cafes have been taking over the city! It’s as if every week, new cafes are opening and offering their own unique drinks, meals, views, and aesthetics to customers.

So, use this opportunity to take your loved one on a cafe date where you can enjoy a romantic and aesthetic ambience with good food and great coffee or milk tea.

#1 Elyseé Cafe


Location: The Malasag House, Malasag, Cugman, Cagayan de Oro, 9000 Misamis Oriental

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday | 1pm – 8pm

Contact information: 0927 613 3702

Special Valentine’s Event: RÉPANDRE L’AMOUR (https://tinyurl.com/repandrelamour)

Bring your date to a place that boasts alfresco dining and aesthetically pleasing designs and has a spectacular view looking over the CdeO waters. Located in the upper part of Cagayan de Oro, Elyseé Cafe offers a wide area that allows you to have all the romantic space you and your partner need to have quiet conversations and stare into each other’s eyes in your own bubble.

Find out more about Elyseé Cafe in our recent blog about the cafe here: Elyseé Café: a new hangout for the new year.

#2 Dansoliwood Viewdeck CAFE CDO


Location: Sitio Iba, Brgy. Dansolihon 

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday | 8am-8pm

Entrance Fee: P50.00

Contact information: 0953 189 5880

Here’s another cafe located above the city. It looks over the CdeO and is best visited during the early and late hours to enjoy the cool breeze and great views. The lights are amazing to see at night, so it will be great for dinner dates for Valentine’s.

#3 BIGA Garden CAFE


Location: Camarahan Ridge, Pagatpat, CDO

Hours: Daily | 1pm-8pm

Contact information: 0936 396 4539

If you want a variety of options in your food during your date, then BIGA Garden Cafe is a great destination. This is especially true for couples who are foodies since there are a LOT of fulfilling foods that this place offers. The view is a bonus too!

#4 Cafe de Maria


Location: Ground Floor level of Vista Mall Gran Europa

Hours: Daily | 6am-10pm

Contact information: 0917 108 5243

Special Valentine’s Promo: 10% discount on a selected bottle of wines

Feel the cozy vibes during your date on Valentine’s day in Cafe de Maria. It’s here that you can have a laid back time while enjoying the good ambience. They also offer a 10% discount on selected bottles of wines on the 14th, and Valentine’s dinner you can reserve this weekend.

#5 BAI coffee+shop


Location: Chali Beach Resort, Cugman

Hours: Monday to Thursday | 11am-8pm / Friday to Sunday | 9am to 9pm

Contact information: 0997 906 6844

Special Valentine’s Promo: Valentine’s Special Packages

Go to the seaside for your Valentine’s date at BAI Coffee+Shop, which is located at Chali Beach Resort in Cugman. It’s nearer downtown and offers you a breathtaking Bayview, especially during sunset. It also has a wide area, so you can have a whole table for yourself and your partner to talk freely and enjoy the moment with no distractions.

#6 Milestone Coffee


Location: One Beacon Business Center, Beacon Ave, Pueblo de Oro

Hours: Daily | 8am-10pm

Contact information: 0915 580 0197

Special Valentine’s Promo: Valentine Coupon (Dinner for two)

Milestone Coffee cafe offers a variety of coffee and food selection. The place has a fresh ambience, offering 2 floors to customers, both with wonderful views. Don’t miss their special Valentine’s promo, where they will be offering a 3 course set menu for dinner for two with a free flower bouquet.

#7 Forest Cafe


Location: 15th street ext, Rotunda, Macasandig.

Hours: Daily | 1pm-10pm

Contact information: 0997 208 3981

Special Valentine’s Promo: Valentine’s Buffet

Experience the forest vibes in the city at Forest Cafe. Located just a few minutes away from the heart of the city, this cafe is a recent addition to a quaint area in Macasandig. You and your partner can enjoy a date under the cool protection of the trees, surrounded by greenery. They also offer Valentine’s buffet promo on February 14!

#8 Sarsuela’s


Location: Villarin St, Cagayan de Oro

Hours: Daily | 10am-8pm

Here’s another cozy destination for your date night. Sarsuela’s is a place where you can get all close and comfy with your date as they offer “yaka” tables upstairs which are infinitely more comfortable and romantic for lovers sitting together.

#9 Ola Cafe


Location: Lot 7 & 8, Masterson Mile, Pueblo

Hours: Daily | 11am-10pm

Special Valentine’s Promo: New Valentine’s Drinks

Ola Cafe is a spacious establishment that is colorful, aesthetically pleasing, and filled with amazing designs that make you feel transported to Spain. In fact, the place has recently been used as a photo shoot location because of the unique background it offers. They’re also offering New Valentine’s drinks to commemorate the love month.

#10 Café Nirvana


Location: Zone 8 Airport Road, Lumbia

Hours: Monday to Friday| 10am-8pm / Saturday to Sunday | 8am to 8pm

Contact information: 0947 430 3126

Special Valentine’s Promo: Valentine’s Special Menu

If you’re looking for another nature-esque date night destination other than Forest Cafe, then Cafe Nirvana is your best bet. It’s a peaceful place where you and your partner can relax, enjoy being under the canopy of nature, and be dazzled by romantic fairy lights at night.

Where to go for date night: #DinnerDates

Of course, there’s also the classic dinner dates in restaurants. That’s why we made sure to include the most well-known restaurants among Kagay-anons below.

#11 High Ridge


Location: Bontula Upper Macasandig

Hours: Monday to Friday| 4pm-9pm / Saturday to Sunday | 11am to 9pm

Contact information: 0917 326 1361

Special Valentine’s Promo: Romantic Dinner with Live Music

For dinner with your loved one on February 14, High Ridge is one of the most popular choices for many Kagay-anons. It’s a place with boast great views and good food. Just make sure to be early or book a reservation, though, since the place is usually packed during important occasions.

#12 Panagatan


Location: National Highway, Opol

Contact information: 0917 713 1436

For couples who love all things seafood, Panagatan is a must for dinner dates. Fortunately, you don’t need to go to Opol to enjoy their food since they are also available in different parts of the city, such as SM Uptown. However, if you want to enjoy Bayview for an added romance to your date, then the Opol branch is a good choice.

#13 Cucina Higala


Location: Capistrano – Mabini Streets

Hours: Daily | 11am-9pm

Contact information: 0917 794 6118

Cucina Higala is a well-known restaurant in Cagayan de Oro that offers modern Filipino and heritage cuisine. The place is located at the heart of downtown and boasts a twinkling atmosphere inside and outside. It’s definitely a must to consider when thinking about where to go for date night in the city.

#14 Amaya View


Location: Indahag Hills 8707 Cagayan de Oro

Hours:  Monday to Thursday | 9am-7pm / Friday to Sunday | 7am to 8pm

Contact information: 0917 149 0641

Special Valentine’s Promo: 10% off on all room accommodation

Reserve a staycation in Amaya View on Valentine’s! With 10% of on all room accommodation, this is the best opportunity to spend as much time with your loved one as possible. After booking your stay, you can go swimming in the Azul Infinity Pool, dine in Amaya’s Kitchen, and explore everything else that the one-stop destination offers.

So, are you all set up on where to go for date night in CDO for Valentine’s this year? Let us know in the comments or connect with us through our socials (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) if you have other destinations you want us to add to our list. – WhatALife!

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