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Virtual Christmas: 2020 Online Christmas Party Ideas

The year 2020 passed by quickly with so much happening worldwide while everyone remained stuck in their homes. And now, the holiday is just around the corner. With the new normal’s end not even in sight, everyone may be spending their Christmas parties while social-distancing. Worry not, because we have the best online Christmas party ideas that you can do with your family, friends, schoolmates, or workmates.  

Virtual Desk or Face Mask/Shield Decorating

This one’s quite timely. Depending on your preference, ask your team members to decorate their desks at home or face masks/shields before holding your virtual Christmas party. In this way, they can show off their creativity and unique personalities. You can ask everyone to vote for whom they think has the most creative desk or face mask/shield during the party. The one who gets the most votes gets the prize!  

Virtual Secret Santa

The game requires you to create a live file where you and your team members can place their wish lists with their respective delivery addresses. You can make use of online exchange gift generators that will help you assign names with just a few clicks, such as Secret Santa Organizer, Elfster, or Draw Names. When everything’s all set, you and your team can open your respective presents while you are on a video call.  

Online Scavenger Hunt

For this game, you need to prepare a list of random items you can find at home for the virtual hunt. Anything specific will do – a shampoo container, a quarantine pass, a Christmas movie, a pair of scissors, an item you owned for the longest time, a toy, etc. After you announce the item, each participant must turn off their cameras and begin searching for the item. The first one to turn on their camera with the item at hand wins the round.  

Digital Presents

Everybody loves opening their presents. However, under these circumstances, we may need to be more careful about unwrapping Christmas gifts. Thankfully, you can now send digital presents to your loved ones. You can send your nieces and nephews printable materials such as coloring books and board games. For your aunts and uncles, you can send recipes or music lessons from famous chefs and singers, respectively. You can even send digital gift certificates and other digital rewards to your friends. Anyway, you get the gist – keep things digital and safe!  

Virtual Holiday Games

Organize party games (through a video call) that encourages interaction and a team-building spirit. You can play some trivia about the holidays. You can also play charades by acting out the title of Christmas movies or common holiday words or phrases. You can also play an online Pictionary where a teammate gets sixty seconds to draw a word while the others guess the holiday-themed word. We must not let anything discourage us from celebrating this joyous season of love and gift-giving. Rejoice with your family, friends, classmates, and teammates with the virtual party ideas we have listed above.   — If you have more online Christmas party ideas, please feel free to drop them in the comments section below!

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