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Veteran Broadcaster Mike Enriquez Passed Away at 71

veteran broadcaster mike enriquez passed away at 71

Renowned Filipino journalist Mike Enriquez passed away on Tuesday at the age of 71, with the cause of death reported to be a protracted illness.

His longtime home workplace, GMA, has officially confirmed his passing. Enriquez’s cause of death was due to prolonged complications from several medical issues and procedures from back in 2021. It can be noted that Enriquez released a statement back in 2018 from GMA network about a prolonged absence because of his health condition. Due to a kidney disease, Enriquez was scheduled to go through a heart bypass operation.

After mentioning his condition, Mike Enriquez states, “In the meantime, it is best that I rest and avoid stress to avoid any medical emergency before my bypass. While I am not yet back on the air, I continue to perform my functions as president of RGMA Network, Inc. and as Consultant for Radio of GMA Network, Inc.”

He ends the statement by saying he will be back and well. 

Mike Enriquez’s death was announced on air at the network news program “24 Oras,” which he anchored back in 2004.

A statement from GMA Network read: “It is with profound sadness that GMA Network announces the passing of our beloved Kapuso, Mr. Miguel ‘Mike’ C. Enriquez, who peacefully joined our Creator on August 29, 2023.”

Enriquez took a medical leave of absence in December to address his health issues, the most severe of which necessitated a kidney transplant. He spent three months in seclusion after a successful procedure to reduce the chance of complications and infections.

Even though he wasn’t totally recovered, he joyfully returned to his news broadcasts in March 2022, just as the national election coverage was ramping up. Sadly, he had to take another medical leave three months later, this time for an indeterminate period of time, because he was still not well.

Clavio denied reports that Enriquez had passed away in November 2022 after false information circulated on social media, prompting a flood of condolence letters. Enriquez’s devoted fans were thrilled at the idea of him being back, but the broadcast icon could no longer return on television as Clavio announced he had just spoken to his senior and even added, “He’ll be back soon.”

Enriquez began his journalism career in 1969 when he joined the Manila Broadcasting Company. He earned a Liberal Arts in Commerce degree from De La Salle University-Manila in 1973.

He eventually joined the Radio Mindanao Network and Freedom Broadcasting Radio Network before being included in the GMA talent pool in 1995. – WhatALife!/Zain

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