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Traveling to GenSan? Register to TAPAT QR Code Now!


General Santos City launched June last year its Trace and Protect Action Team (TAPAT) system to speed up the tracking of persons possibly exposed to Covid-19. 

TAPAT was initially intended to monitor returning Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), locally stranded individuals (LSIs), and authorized persons outside residence (APORs). The application generates a unique quick response (QR) code for each individual to track health status easily.

Non-residents should register and generate their QR codes (such as CCTS, MDTC, Cotabato QR, etc.) to TAPAT upon entering the city. Those who don’t have any contact tracing identifications can directly generate their TAPAT QR. 

The registration for the QR ID will be used for scanning upon entering to any border checkpoints, establishments, and offices. Visit http://tapat.gensantos.gov.ph/tapatsystem/registration to start the registration.

Don’t have a QR Code yet? Continue reading below to find out how.

Users with existing accounts to either of the following: CCTS, MTDC, Cotabato QR, Tapat QR

➡️ Proceed to the registration form here

➡️ For Self-registration, download the KOBOCOLLECT app here

➡️ Watch the step-by-step video on how to use the app here

Users with no existing QR accounts

➡️ Generate your TAPAT QR here

➡️ Proceed to the registration form here

Meanwhile, for those who encounter ‘Unknown QR Code‘ error, kindly update your TAPAT QR at http://tapat.gensantos.gov.ph/tapatsystem/tapatqr

Note: Residents of GenSan should use their color-coded Electronic Quarantine Pass (EQP) previously issued by their respective barangays last March. TAPAT Registration is not required for EQP holders, and qualified members of the same household, unless requested by competent health professionals.

For more inquiries, contact the GenSan Support/Help Desk at katapat@gensantos.gov.ph.

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