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The Café by Benrose Hotel: An aesthetic nook in the heart of the city

the cafe by benrose hotel

Cagayan de Oro is busting with cafes. It seems that these chic and relaxing establishments are one of the results of the pandemic. But among these new cafes, there are those that have been there since the beginning, offering aesthetic, minimalistic interiors and good food and cafe to their patrons. A good example of this is The Café by Benrose Hotel.

In this blog, we are delighted to share our visit to this enduring cafe, a favorite nook of medical students, couples, barkadas, and professionals.

Location: Second Floor, Benrose Hotel, Tiano Brothers Street

Must-try drinks: The Cafe’s Signature Latte, Spanish Latte

Must-try meals: Spicy Tuna Melt Sandwich, Pasta

Aesthetic: Minimalist, industrial

The Café: The Beginning

The first thing to note about the cafe is that it is family-run and family-funded. During our interview with one of the owners, he shared how it was his close family who had the idea.

After coming up with a menu of cold brews and related beverages, they started catering through orders back in 2020. More and more orders start coming in through word of mouth and via Facebook.

When they decided to create a physical cafe located in the Benrose Hotel last year, 2021, it was already the height of the pandemic. However, the cafe endured by being conscious of its prices and costs, encouraging people to buy their products.

Social media advertising and promotion have also been very helpful. This includes social media influencers who post pictures and reviews of their shops.

The Café: The Menu

When asked about their must-try drinks, there are 2 signature products that the cafe offers: Spanish Latte and The Café Signature Latte. The lattes are especially milky and a touch sweet, great for both coffee and non-coffee lovers.

signature drinks

There are also non-coffee drinks for those who would like fruit juices and milkshakes. One of the most curious products on their menu is the Birthday Cake Milkshake – a sweet drink made of blended cakes with milk.

The Café also boasts great sandwiches, such as their Bacon & Chicken Caesar Sandwich and Spicy Tuna Melt Sandwich. New customers should also try their pasta for meals.


Speaking about desserts, The Café recommends their Ube Cream Cake – a favorite of many patrons.

See the menu below:

the café by benrose hotel menu

The Café: The Space


At a glance, the minimalistic interior of the cafe immediately takes the attention of the visitors. It has a minimalistic black, gray, and white theme industrial look with white walls and steel and wood furniture.

The aesthetic was chosen by the owners who wanted something unique that could cater to people who appreciate a minimalist aesthetic.

It’s the type of interior design that people can add to their social media pages and give off a lowkey classy ambience.

A lot of patrons also visit the space as it’s a good place to study and work. It has electrical outlets for students and professionals who bring their devices. The management also offers FREE wifi good for 2 hours.

While many of the visitors are mostly medical students from nearby schools, The Café is also a good place for friends to meet up and chat. Couples also have a cozy haven around the space since the area offers just the right temperature.

If you need a place to host your events, The Café also offers a function room. It’s a space that is suitable for parties or meetings. But, other than the function room, The Café is also open for those who want to rent the whole space.

The Café: The Best Quality for The Right Price

With so many cafes popping up all over the city, one might be overwhelmed in choosing what cafe to visit and chill in. But, if you’re looking for a cafe with the best quality products at just the right price, then The Café by Benrose Hotel is your best bet. Add that with the minimalistic industrial look of the space filled with pleasant music that is bound to make you relax.

A few key details of this cafe are that it offers a loyalty card and a few souvenirs. The loyalty card offers customers a free drink of their choice after their 12th purchase. The souvenirs – a tote bag and a bucket hat are, of course, just as aesthetic as the space. They are great purchases to commemorate your stay with items that are lowkey and fashionable.


Ready to visit The Café by Benrose Hotel? You may check out their Facebook page for queries or try their drinks now via Food Panda. – WhatALife!

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