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Taylor Swift is 2023’s Top Global Artist and Releases ‘You’re Losing Me’

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Spotify just released this year’s Spotify Wrapped for their subscribers and Taylor Swift is this year’s Spotify global artist.

With the recent announcement of Spotify’s top global artist, Taylor has expressed her gratitude to her dedicated listeners by officially releasing her Midnights Vault track, ‘You’re Losing Me,’ which was only previously available on the disc version.

 Fans have been waiting for this release on the platform ever since the Midnights (The Till Dawn Edition) tracks were released.

Taylor’s latest album, not counting her re-recordings Midnights (The Till Dawn Edition), included the tracks: The Great War, Bigger Than the Whole Sky, Paris, High Infidelity, Glitch, Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve, Dear Reader, and Hits Different. The Midnights album also includes a 3AM version.

Swift has expressed her gratitude in a post with the release of the long-awaited Midnights Vault Track.

She has topped 2023’s Spotify Wrapped artist with a whopping twenty-six billion streams. Three of her albums ranked in the U.S. top 10 even though they were already released for a few years.

Even before it was officially released on Spotify, fans were already hooked on the track, ‘You’re Losing Me,’ believing that the song draws inspiration from Taylor’s breakup with long-term boyfriend, actor Joe Alwyn, in 2023. 

Swifties also appreciated Taylor’s transparency and vulnerability in the track through the lyrics: 

“I wouldn’t marry me either

A pathological pleaser

Who only wanted you to see her?”

Taylor Swift has been receiving numerous amounts of success with her Eras Tour fully booking stadiums, the Eras Tour movie, her re-recordings, and now, Spotify’s Top Global Artist recognition, which replaced Bad Bunny as the top artist for three consecutive years. 

In 2023, Midnights was the second most streamed album globally while her 2018 album, Lover, resurfacing, placing it at seventh. ‘Cruel Summer’ and ‘Anti-Hero’ also topped the charts this year.

Here’s a list of Spotify’s most listened artists for 2023:

  1. Taylor Swift
  2. Bad Bunny
  3. The Weeknd
  4. Drake
  5. Peso Pluma
  6. Feid
  7. Travis Scott
  8. SZA
  9. Karol G
  10. Lana Del Rey

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