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Star Magic takes legal action against online attacks on BGYO and BINI

star magic takes legal action against online attacks on bgyo and bini

Talent agency Star Magic is taking a hard stance against online negativity targeting their artists, P-pop groups BGYO and BINI.

In a statement released Tuesday evening, April 23rd, 2024, Star Magic condemned “malicious online attacks” directed at both groups. 

The statement highlighted the potential legal ramifications of such online behavior.

“BGYO, BINI, and its respective members have been the subject of malicious online attacks designed to hurt and damage their reputation seriously,” the statement read. 

Star Magic considers the online posts to violate cyberbullying and anti-libel laws.

The agency intended to pursue legal action against those spreading “unfounded rumors.” BGYO and BINI’s management will reportedly “take legal action against these emboldened bashers.” 

This includes collaborating with relevant authorities to gather evidence and hold perpetrators accountable.

Star Magic emphasized these online attacks’ negative impact on BGYO and BINI. 

“The past months have been a painful experience for BGYO and BINI’s members,” the statement reads. The agency highlighted the artists’ “courage to stand up against online bullies.”

The statement concluded with a call for online civility. “We remind the public that it is not only crucial to call out acts of bashing and cyberbullying, but to show kindness and accord everyone due respect, both online and in real life.”

What Sparked the Controversy?

The controversy reportedly began on social media platform X (formerly Twitter) over the weekend. 

Clips surfaced showing members of BINI attending a birthday party for a BGYO member. 

This sparked disapproval from some BINI fans (Blooms) who expressed concern about their idols’ association with BGYO.

Unfounded allegations of cheating and abuse against BGYO members further fueled the online firestorm.  

Blooms demanded BINI distance themselves from BGYO, with some even claiming that continued interaction would be “BINI’s downfall.”

Several accounts uploaded alleged “proof” of BGYO’s wrongdoings, but these posts have since been taken down. 

Heated online arguments erupted between netizens and BGYO’s fans (ACEs) under the hashtag #DISBANDBGYO, which trended nationally on April 22nd.

Fan Reactions to Star Magic’s Statement

Many fans expressed disappointment with Star Magic’s response, finding it inadequate.  Netizens criticized the statement for failing to address the core issues and accused Star Magic of “protecting abusers.”  

Some demanded a clear answer regarding the truth of the allegations against BGYO.

Despite the controversy, BINI is gearing up for their sold-out concert series at the New Frontier Theater this June. BGYO recently made a comeback with their February release, “Patintero.”


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