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BINI fans call out BGYO, resulting in the ‘DISBANDBGYO’ trend

bini fans call out bgyo resulting in the disbandbgyo trend

Filipino pop music fans are embroiled in a heated online debate following allegations against Ppop boy group BGYO. 

The group, comprised of five members who debuted under ABS-CBN’s Star Magic in 2021, faces calls for disbandment under the “#DISBANDBGYO” hashtag trending on Philippine X (formerly Twitter).

The controversy reportedly stems from accusations of cheating and abuse against a member of BGYO named Gelo. 

Screenshots circulating online allegedly show Gelo interacting with an unidentified woman, sparking outrage among fans.

Fans expressed disappointment, with some calling for idols to be held to a higher standard. One user wrote, “Idols should be good examples.” 

Another posted a sarcastic birthday message to Gelo, implying inappropriate behavior.

The situation has ignited a war between fandoms. “Blooms,” fans of the girl group BINI, are reportedly distancing themselves from BGYO to protect their idols’ reputations. 

Conversely, “ACEs,” BGYO’s dedicated fanbase, defend the group. One ACE user shared a video showcasing BGYO’s hard work, questioning the hate directed towards them. 

Another highlighted a seemingly threatening message an alleged BINI fan sent to BGYO.

The controversy has sparked a wider conversation about fan behavior.  One user emphasized that “the enemies are BGYO and the management that tolerates this behavior.”  

Another user criticized “Blooms” for directing negativity towards BINI, suggesting they seek help instead of pressuring the girls for a statement.

However, amidst the tension, some fans offered humor. A “Bloom” user shared a lighthearted exchange with her boyfriend regarding the situation.

This online feud highlights a growing trend within Filipino fandoms: holding idols accountable for their actions. 

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