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Some BPI online services are temporarily unavailable

some bpi online services are temporarily unavailable

MANILA, Philippines — Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) issued a statement on Tuesday morning, informing customers about the temporary unavailability of certain services due to the ongoing processing of weekend transactions, primarily related to tax payments.

BPI disclosed that customers may have difficulty conducting various transactions, including automated teller machine (ATM) withdrawals, Cash Accept Machine (CAM) deposits, and debit card purchases. Furthermore, the service interruption also affects the bank’s mobile app and online portals.

“Our system is still processing the unusually high weekend transactions due to tax payments,” BPI stated.

The bank assured its clients that efforts are underway to resolve the issue promptly. BPI aims to complete the processing before noon on Tuesday, with updates to be provided as soon as the system is back to regular operation.

“Please be advised that ATM withdrawals, CAM deposits, Debit Card purchases, BPI app, BPI online, and use of BPI online credentials for payments and loading using third-party apps are currently not available,” BPI reiterated.

The disruption in services coincides with the approaching deadline set by the Bureau of Internal Revenue for the payment of the 2023 annual income tax, scheduled for April 15.

As BPI works diligently to address the issue, customers are encouraged to stay updated through official channels for announcements regarding the restoration of services.

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