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SnoRene: hilarious bardagulan moments keep filipinos laughing

snorene hilarious bardagulan moments keep filipinos laughing

The Philippine entertainment scene is abuzz with laughter as netizens embrace the new viral loveteam of Can’t Buy Me Love, “Snorene.” 

In ABS-CBN’s “Can’t Buy Me Love,” Maris Racal and Anthony Jennings, who play Irene and Snoop (also known as SnoRene), unexpected yet undeniable chemistry with each other, making viewers feel kilig despite their real-life relationships.

“Snorene” has quickly gained popularity for its unique blend of humor, satire, and exaggerated storytelling. 

Maris Racal, said, “It was all unplanned. Nagkaroon lang talaga kami ng isang eksenang nag-viral. Yung nakaapak ako ng poop.”

Fans went into fits of laughter at Snoop and Irene’s lovable antics, particularly on social media, where some even called for them to have their own television series.

The “Snorene” tandem has become a trending topic, with users creating memes and sharing their favorite snippets from the video. 

When questioned about his thoughts on the claims made by some that SnoRene is better than the romantic pair DonBelle (Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano) in the show, Anthony said that they are all friends and that there is no such sentiment on set.

While Anthony has been dating a non-showbiz partner for five years, Maris is romantically involved with Rico Blanco, the former frontman of Rivermaya.

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