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EA Guzman, Shaira Diaz, open up on practicing celibacy before marriage

ea guzman shaira diaz open up on practicing celibacy before marriage

In a recent interview, celebrity couple Shaira Diaz and Edgar Allan Guzman shared insights into their relationship and shed light on their decision to practice celibacy before marriage.

In Boy Abunda’s Fast Talk, the couple provides a glimpse into their personal lives and the values that guide their romantic journey.

The relationship between Shaira and Edgar Allan focuses on their commitment to abstaining from physical intimacy before tying the knot. 

The couple’s openness about their decision has sparked discussions on love, relationships, and the importance of shared values in a partnership.

Shaira Diaz and Edgar Allan Guzman revealed that their choice to practice celibacy is rooted in their shared belief system and the desire to strengthen the emotional and spiritual aspects of their relationship. 

“First two years namin, umiiyak ako sa kanya. Kasi ang hirap. To be honest, ang hirap. Noong time na yun, parang hindi ko na kaya. Kasi siyempre ‘diba,” he said, chuckling a little afterwards.

“Sabi ko sa kanya, ‘Baba, hindi ko na kaya.’ Pero may sinabi siya sa’kin na, ‘Kung mahal mo talaga ako, hihintayin mo ako.’ Doon ako tinamaan. Iyon ang lagi kong sinasabi sa sarili ko kapag ka nakakaramdam ako nang ganito,” he added.

They also emphasized the significance of building a solid foundation based on communication, understanding, and a shared commitment to their beliefs.

Shaira and Edgar Allan, however, express confidence in their decision and believe that practicing celibacy has brought them closer as a couple.

Despite their busy schedules, Shaira Diaz has a successful acting career, and Edgar Allan Guzman’s accomplishments in the entertainment industry emphasize the importance of prioritizing their relationship and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

The couple has been engaged since Christmas 2021; they started their relationship after they first met in 2012, a year later, and they have maintained their romance for over 11 years.

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