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Singer Aaron Carter dead at 34

aaron carter dead

HOLYWOOD, USA — American singer Aaron Carter, a former child pop singer and younger brother of the boy band Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter, has died at the age of 34. Carter is survived by his 11-month-old son, Prince.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said that on Saturday morning, at 10:58 am local time, they responded to a call for help at Carter’s Lancaster, California home. 

At the scene, they found him dead in a bathtub. Authorities gave no information about a possible cause of death. 

The life of Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter was born December 7, 1987, in Tampa, Florida. He began performing at the age of seven and released his debut album at age nine in 1997. He first found fame as a boy with pop songs like “I Want Candy” and “Crush on You.” 

At the turn of the millennium, his sophomore effort “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)” sold three million copies stateside. His hit album propelled him to teen heartthrob status. 

After that, he became a regular on preteen Nickelodeon and Disney shows. He was well known for his roles on television shows such as Disney Channel’s “Lizzie McGuire” and The WB Television Network’s “7th Heaven.”. 

Aaron also appeared on his family’s reality series, E! Entertainment Television’s “House of Carters.” He toured with his elder brother, the Backstreet Boys, and Britney Spears. At that time, he saw his next album, “Oh Aaron,” go platinum.

The singer’s debut studio album, “Aaron Carter,” was released in 1997. He then performed as the opening act for the Backstreet Boys earlier that year. His fifth and final studio album, “Love,” was released in 2018.

As Carter aged, his fame and stardom began to fade, but he was still releasing some new music online. He also remained in the public eye with appearances in a few reality shows and productions not from Broadway. – WhatALife!/Zed

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