Home Warning: Before you join #SilhouetteChallenge, you need to know this first

Warning: Before you join #SilhouetteChallenge, you need to know this first


PSA: Several YouTube tutorials explain how to remove the red filter and reveal creators’ bodies participating on #SilhouetteChallenge

If you’ve been hanging around TikTok lately, for sure, you’ve seen the silhouette challenge with its distinct red filter.

With its daring, sexy vibe, thousands of people have taken part in the challenge, making it the latest viral trend on the platform. 

The challenge includes posing under a doorway in a casual outfit in a normal setting at the start before it cuts to the subject in dimmed lighting, with a red filter over their seductive silhouette. 

According to BuzzFeed News, the trend began as a form of empowerment, a way for people to feel sexy and good in their bodies. It particularly highlights the subjects’ curves, with some going totally nude and trusting the red filter to cover up any explicit body parts. But of course, this is the internet, and some people have found a terrible way to turn a feel-good trend into depraved gratification.

Following the viral trend, video tutorials are now scattering over YouTube, instructing thirsty people how to use editing software or apps to change the contrast and color to reduce the silhouette effect. According to Pop Inquirer, while deleting the filter is impossible, people with predatorial motives can still remove the red tint and increase the video’s exposure to unveil a clear image.

A search on YouTube readily turned up dozens of results for these tutorials, BuzzFeed News stated.


Aside from YouTube, instructions have also been shared on Twitter and Reddit. A subreddit for posting edited videos, called r/SilhouetteUnfiltered, has already been banned.

This incident sparked a conversation about consent on social media. Given the risk, people, especially women, are now warning each other about the tutorials and advising them not to be fully naked if they want to participate in the challenge.

“Just make sure you’re being cognizant of what you’re wearing before you do all the editing for the final product,” a TikTok creator said.


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In a follow-up, @lostvsnryshots refuses to share tips on how to reverse-edit the videos and shows comments from people saying the post had “ruined” the fun.

If you happen to see these predatorial tutorial edits on social media, please do report them. Don’t turn a blind eye and wait before someone from your family or friends became a victim.

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