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SB19’s Ken Embraces Individual Music Style as Felip

sb19 ken embraces individual music style as felip

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Ken, a member of P-pop boy band SB19, recently released his solo EP titled COM•PLEX, under his music alter-ego Felip. The six-track record, which falls under the rap and hip-hop genre, explores the multiple meanings of the word “complex” and aims to encourage listeners to embrace their unique complexities.

During a press event held by Warner Music Philippines, Felip expressed his initial worries about how others would react to his music. However, he chose to focus on the support of his fans and appreciated their appreciation for his work. 

While negative comments may hurt, he acknowledged that constructive feedback related to his music helps him improve.

“You will get hurt when they say not-so-nice things about you. So although it will keep you strong when it comes to those stuff, siguro yung mga sobrang below the belt na mga salita, that is not connected to my music, I just shrug it off,” he continued. “If they offer an opinion that could help me in my music or how to improve it, that’s where I just focus my energy on.”

Despite being a member of a popular group, Felip felt it was important to release a solo EP to showcase his own style and preferences. He clarified that each member of SB19 has different musical tastes, and the group’s songs incorporate a variety of genres. 

With his solo EP, Felip wanted to share his personal music and convey confidence to his listeners, encouraging them to believe in themselves and not be discouraged by negativity.

Among the tracks on the EP, Felip mentioned “Drinksmoke” as his personal favorite, as it resonates with him and serves as a reminder to stay strong and unaffected by negativity. The EP also includes other songs like “Rocksta,” “Superiority,” “Mictest,” and “Straydogs.”

Felip integrated his influences from metal rock bands, gospel bands, and hip-hop into his music. Growing up in a church and coming from a musical family, he learned to play instruments early on and drew inspiration from various bands. His genre can be described as a blend of hip-hop and metal rock and includes elements of jazz and Latin sounds.

“I grew up in church,” he recalled. “My grandpa and my father are pastors. I learned how to play instruments (early on) and I grew up listening to (various) bands. I incorporated my metal (genre) influence into my music, with hip-hop. I think my genre is hip-hop metal rock. May pagka-jazzy yung isang song and may pagka-Latin sounds.”

Felip received recognition from Warner Music Philippines for the successful release of his EP, with over five million streams on Spotify as of April 2023. The EP’s three singles also made it to the Spotify Viral 50 PH Playlist, and the launch generated multiple trends on social media. This achievement marked a milestone for Felip’s solo career.   – WhatALife!/Jayve

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