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Sarah Lahbati confirms no communication with Richard Gutierrez, focuses on co-parenting

sarah lahbati confirms no communication with richard gutierrez focuses on co parenting

In a recent interview with MJ Marfori on Frontline Pilipinas, actress Sarah Lahbati openly admitted that she and her husband, Richard Gutierrez, are no longer communicating.

While not explicitly confirming a separation, Sarah revealed that they are no longer living together, opting for a co-parenting setup for their children, Zion and Kai.

“It’s not easy on any child, but I’m here for them. And they are better,” the actress expressed when asked about the situation.

Although Sarah did not directly address the status of her relationship with Richard, she emphasized the importance of prioritizing their children amid any personal challenges. 

“Well, of course, it is not ideal for children. Let’s go back to the kids. But that’s life, and they’ll be fine,” she commented.

Confirming that she and Richard are currently not talking, Sarah emphasized their commitment to effective co-parenting. 

“We’re good at parenting. And we are there for the kids. That’s all I’m gonna say,” she added.

Despite the challenges, Sarah acknowledged that she has adapted to the situation and expressed gratitude for the support of her parents.

She also thanked her friends, Sofia Andres and Kyline Alcantara, for being pillars of strength during this time.

“We need to take things lightly, or else puputi ang buhok natin at hindi tayo magiging happy,” Sarah shared, highlighting the importance of maintaining a positive outlook.

Rumors of a possible separation between Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez surfaced in December 2023. 

The speculations intensified following statements from Annabelle Rama regarding the status of the couple’s relationship. 

However, there is still no direct confirmation from either party about the alleged separation.

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