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Sarah Lahbati takes son Zion to Coldplay concert

sarah labhati takes son zion to coldplay concert

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Actress Sarah Lahbati watched the Coldplay concert at Philippine Arena with her eldest son Zion Gutierrez.

Sarah posted pictures and videos on Instagram capturing the special time she spent with her son while enjoying a lively show. The caption expressed her gratitude for being able to share such a precious moment with her beloved child, describing it as an unforgettable night.

The Coldplay concert took place at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan over the weekend, as part of the “Music of the Spheres of the World” tour.

In the videos, Zion, the child of Sarah and actor Richard Gutierrez, was observed enthusiastically singing along to the band’s songs. 

Several positive comments were made regarding this, showing love and support to Sarah.

Kitang kita mo naman ha, ang happy ni Zion, di ko na kailangan sabihin ha, kitang kita mo na.”

“You’re a great mom, Sarah. No one can take that away from you. I love you guys.”

“It’s true, a woman’s greatest love is for her kids. Everyone else just came 2nd”

“He is going to remember this for a long time and might even attempt to become an inspiration, too, like his idols.”

“Keep it going momma bear and yes you are a great mom and nobody can take that away from you.”

It was on January 20 when Sarah finally addressed rumors surrounding her marriage to Richard.

“We’re okay,” said Sarah during an exclusive interview for the digital edition of Cosmopolitan Philippines.

Sarah added, “I’m holding up pretty well. I’m happy. Again, I’m grateful. There’s nothing more to say than I’m really feeling blessed. And it’s a good time to just work on myself.”

Rumors about the separation of Sarah and Richard circulated late last year, but both celebrities chose to stay silent regarding the controversy. Sarah only addressed the speculations this month.

In January, Sarah Lahbati announced her move to a new home as part of a fresh start. She posted photos on Instagram of her new, still unfurnished and unrenovated property. Her caption, “Changing the atmosphere for 2024,” indicated her plan to redesign the space, and she mentioned she was actively looking for an interior designer.

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