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Sarah Geronimo’s hairstyle sparks public reactions, draws Kris Bernal’s emo-likened

Sarah Gs hairstyle

Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo, whose latest hairstyle for Billboard’s Women in Music Awards 2024 sent the internet into a frenzy. 

As Sarah Geronimo stepped out in her new look, netizens couldn’t help but draw comparisons to actress Kris Bernal’s iconic haircut from her “Starstruck” days.

Sarah Geronimo, who was honored with the Billboard Global Force Award at the event, made history as the first homegrown and full-blooded Filipina to receive this prestigious recognition. 

While her achievement was widely celebrated, her hairstyle unexpectedly stole the spotlight, sparking a playful debate among netizens.

The humorous side of Filipino netizens shone through as they playfully suggested that Sarah’s hairstyle was inspired by Kris Bernal’s much-talked-about emo hairstyle from her time on the reality TV show “Starstruck.” 

Social media platforms were abuzz with comments and memes, making light of the resemblance between the two celebrities’ hairstyles.

One netizen remarked, “due to Sarah G’s hairstyle at the Billboard Women in Music, Kris Bernal’s emo hairstyle from Starstruck is now vindicated.” Another added, “Kris Bernal walked so she could run,” praising Bernal as a trendsetter. 

The playful banter continued with comments like, “From Beyoncé to Sarah G! Kris Bernal trendsetter,” and “We really made fun of Kris Bernal’s hair only for Beyoncé and Sarah to follow her.”

Adding to the conversation, Kris Bernal herself joined in on the fun by sharing a photo collage of her and Geronimo on her Instagram story, humorously noting, “Nauuso na po ulit.”

Raymond Santiago, a celebrity hairstylist, produced Sarah’s wolf cut. He’s a frequent collaborator with the Pop Princess. He recently styled Sarah’s different looks for the “My Mind” music video.

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