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Sachzna opens up about heartbreaking childhood in Toni Talks

sachzna opens up about heartbreaking childhood in toni talks

In a recent interview, Filipina celebrity Sachzna bravely shared her story of resilience in overcoming a difficult childhood full of abandonment, abuse, and heartbreak.

Sachzna’s story begins with her absent mother, who was forced to work in Japan to support the family. Raised by grandparents, Sachzna initially believed them to be her parents. 

The revelation of her biological mother’s young age at sixteen and subsequent abandonment by the father painted a picture of a challenging upbringing.

Sachzna’s vulnerability as a child was exploited by a trusted relative, a distant relative who her grandparents adopted. The relative, described as seventeen years old at the time, subjected Sachzna to sexual abuse for two years. 

Sachzna’s vivid memories of the abuse, including the fear and helplessness she felt, resonated deeply with viewers.

Despite the trauma, Sachzna recounts finding solace in her eventual reunion with her mother. However, this happiness was short-lived as her mother’s work necessitated frequent departures, leaving Sachzna constantly fearing abandonment.

Sachzna’s struggles continued into her relationships. In her first relationship, she endured being hidden by a partner for ten years.

She learned valuable communication skills in her second relationship but ultimately faced heartbreak when her partner prioritized his career.

The weight of these experiences manifested in depression and a Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis. 

Sachzna’s story also included a harrowing episode of self-harm through shampoo ingestion. This turning point led her to seek help and begin her healing journey.

A moment for Sachzna came with the question, “What is my purpose?” This introspection led her to create a charity called “Sachz Loves,” focused on helping others, particularly children. The act of giving became her source of strength and purpose.

Sachzna’s story is one of remarkable strength and resilience.  She has forgiven her abuser, a living testimony to her growth and her refusal to allow the past to define her.

She encourages young women to be wary of red flags in relationships and to prioritize their well-being. 

The interview concludes with Sachzna offering comfort to her younger self and advice to her sister, who is currently in a relationship.

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