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Rosmar Tan launches new pares business with “unli swimming” twist

rosmar tan launches new pares business with unli swimming twist

Rosemarie Tan, better known by her online moniker Rosmar, is again making waves on social media, this time for her foray into new Filipino comfort food, pares. 

The entrepreneur and social media star recently announced the launch of “Rosemar Pares Overload,” a new pares (beef noodle soup) restaurant with a unique twist.

Rosmar unveiled the venture on her Facebook page, generating significant buzz with its combination of affordability and a rather unexpected perk. 

Diners at Rosemar Pares Overload can enjoy a serving of pares for just 100 pesos (approximately $2), with unlimited rice and soup, included. 

But the real attention-grabber is the restaurant’s promise of “unli swimming” (unlimited swimming) for customers.

The announcement further fueled excitement by revealing the first branch’s location – R Mansion Tagaytay Resort and Resto Bar in Laguna, a resort co-owned by Rosmar. 

The prospect of savoring delicious pares followed by a refreshing dip in the pool has captured the imagination of potential customers, offering a truly unique and satisfying dining experience.

Rosmar didn’t stop there. In her post, she elaborated on the extensive amenities available at the resort, emphasizing that the “unli swimming” extends beyond just the pool. 

Diners can enjoy unlimited beer pong, relax in designated huts, or opt for air-conditioned comfort with tables and chairs.


grabe pinapapak ang 100 petot nating “ROSMAR OVERLOADED PARES”💯 yes 100 lang LECHON KAWALI + BULAKLAK UNLI RICE UNLI SABAW SOFTDRINK UNLI SWIMMING at TAMBAY SA KUBO pin: R Mansion Resort & Restobar Calauan Laguna monday to fri(10am to 12am) sat-sun (10am to 2am) #PINAKAMALAKAS

♬ original sound – ROSMAR – ROSMAR

Social media has responded enthusiastically to Rosmar’s bold venture. Congratulations and messages of encouragement have flooded her platforms, with many expressing excitement about the innovative concept.

Rosemarie Tan, or Rosmar as she’s popularly known, began her rise to fame as a social media influencer and entrepreneur. 

Her journey started with dance videos on TikTok, where she quickly amassed a loyal following. 

Leveraging her online presence, Rosmar is on a successful entrepreneurial path, establishing her cosmetics brand, Rosmar International.

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