Home Business donates P100,000 to viral victim of logo tattoo prank

Business donates P100,000 to viral victim of logo tattoo prank

business donates p100000 to viral victim of logo tattoo prank

A business owner has earned netizens’ praise after donating P100,000 to the victim of a viral April Fool’s prank, a logo tattoo on the forehead.

The controversy began when Taragis posted a challenge on their social media page, offering a hefty P100,000 prize to anyone willing to get their logo tattooed on their body. 

Ramil Albano, facing financial difficulties, believed the offer to be genuine and, driven by the potential reward, went through with the tattoo.

Unfortunately, Albano missed the “April Fool’s” disclaimer, only accessible by clicking on the photo. Despite this, he sent a picture showcasing the newly acquired tattoo on his forehead.

Taragis responded by clarifying the prank’s nature and absolved themselves of responsibility, emphasizing the importance of reading comprehension. 

However, the story took an unexpected turn when a different business, “The Project Glow Up,” stepped in to offer Albano the P100,000 he was promised in the prank.

Project Glow Up’s announcement on Facebook garnered significant online attention, with many praising their act of kindness. 

They assured Albano that the donation was genuine and expressed appreciation for his sincere participation in the challenge. 

“To Sir Ramil Albano, This is not an April Fool’s prank. We will be giving you P100,000 for being dedicated in taking up the challenge full-heartedly! You are the winner for us! Kindly message us to claim, kuya! Love, Project Glow Up,” the post read.

The generosity of the business owner and the Project Glow Up team serves as a reminder of the kindness and compassion that still exists in the online community, especially in unexpected circumstances.

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