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Ronaldo Valdez home undergoes paraffin and ballistic tests

ronaldo valdez home undergoes paraffin and ballistic tests

MANILA, Philippines – The veteran actor Ronaldo Valdez’s death led to deep investigation as his home underwent paraffin and ballistic tests. 

Quezon City Police District (QCPD) has verified the passing of the esteemed actor Ronaldo Valdez, as indicated in an earlier report. The distressing news of Ronaldo’s demise has caused sorrow and grief among many.

According to the preliminary report, Valdez’s cause of death was reported as self-inflicted harm. He was discovered lifeless in his room with a gunshot wound to his temple, holding a firearm when found.

Si Sir Ronaldo Valdez ay nakaupo po sa kanyang upuan, wala na pong malay. May tama sa right temple at ‘yung baril na ginamit nga ay nasa kamay pa rin ‘yung baril po,” said Major Llapitan.

Valdez was rushed to the hospital but was declared dead on arrival.

Police Captain Adhrin Domingo from the QCPD Forensic Unit, specializing in the Scene of the Crime Operatives, has disclosed that they retrieved a Norinco pistol, caliber .45, with the serial number 454697, along with an empty magazine inserted. Nevertheless, it is crucial to note that this is not yet confirmed as the cause of death, as further investigation is pending.

As part of the ongoing inquiry, all individuals in Valdez’s residence are required to undergo a paraffin test. This procedure is a standard operating protocol for incidents of this nature involving firearms and potential criminal activity. It is important to clarify that undergoing the test does not automatically imply involvement in the incident.

The Paraffin test is a forensic method employed to identify gunpowder residue on an individual’s hands. The authorities are currently anticipating the outcomes of both the paraffin and ballistic tests.

Valdez started his showbiz career in 1966 and has since portrayed memorable characters in both film and television. He also contributed to several GMA shows, including “Beh Bote Nga,” “Bahay Mo Ba ‘To,” and “Meant to Be.”

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